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Eric Jackson eric-jackson at comcast.net
Mon Sep 21 18:15:43 EDT 2009

Jazz with Eric in the Evening
Sep 17, 2009
8:00PM - 12:00AM

8:00:00PM	Peace
  	Name: Tommy Flanagan
Name of CD: Something Borrowed Something Blue
Composer:Horace Silver
Track Label: Galaxy
Catalog Number: 473

8:08:16PM	Bellows
  	Name: Ahmad Jamal
Name of CD: Jamal a Paris
Composer:Ahmad Jamal
Track Label: Atlantic
Catalog Number: 27204

8:25:30PM	September In The Rain
  	Name: Roy Hargrove
Name of CD: Emergence
Composer:Harry Warren/Al Dubin
Track Label: Emarcy
Catalog Number: 0013289

8:32:23PM	Slings And Arrows
  	Name: Chuck Owen & The Jazz Surge
Name of CD: The Comet's Tail
Composer:Michael Brecker
Track Label: Mama
Catalog Number: 1038

8:41:47PM	We'll Dance To Dawn
  	Name: Jeremy Davenport
Name of CD: We'll Dance To Dawn
Composer:Jeremy Davenport
Track Label: Basin Street
Catalog Number: 1101

8:46:59PM	Without A Song
  	Name: James Moody
Name of CD: Moody 4A
Composer:Rose, Youmans & Eliscu
Catalog Number: 1016

8:54:47PM	So Then
  	Name: Jesse Jones Jr.
Name of CD: The So Then Collection
Composer:Jesse Jones Jr.
Track Label: LP&J Music
UPC: 8450113595

8:54:47PM	So Then
  	Name: Jesse Jones Jr.
Name of CD: The So Then Collection
Composer:Jesse Jones Jr.
Track Label: LP&J Music
UPC: 8450113595

Live interview with Danilo Perez

9:05:23PM	Native Soul
  	Name: Danilo Perez
Name of CD: Live At The Jazz Showcase
Composer:Danilo Perez
Track Label: ArtistShare
Catalog Number: 0003

9:19:58PM	Suite For The Americas
  	Name: Danilo Perez
Name of CD: Motherland
Composer:Danilo Perez
Track Label: Verve
Catalog Number: 314543904

9:36:09PM	Panama Blues
  	Name: Danilo Perez
Name of CD: Central Avenue
Composer:Danilo Perez
Track Label: Impulse
Catalog Number: 279

9:45:40PM	Cobilla
  	Name: Jack DeJohnette
Name of CD: Music We Are
Composer:Danilo Perez
Track Label: Kindred Rhythms
Catalog Number: 1150

10:02:45PM	Cosa Linda
  	Name: Danilo Perez
Name of CD: Central Avenue
Composer:Avelino Munoz
Track Label: Impulse
Catalog Number: 279

10:10:37PM	A New World
  	Name: Terence Blanchard
Name of CD: Choices
Composer:Derrick Hodge
Track Label: Concord
Catalog Number: 31736

10:15:49PM	Slam's Mishap
  	Name: Carter/Medeski/McBride/Rogers/Baron
Name of CD: Heaven On Earth
Composer:Lucky Thompson
Track Label: Half Note
Catalog Number: 4542

10:26:40PM	Under Tanzanian Skies
  	Name: Azar Lawrence
Name of CD: Prayer For My Ancestors
Composer:Henry Franklin
Track Label: Furthermore
Catalog Number: 002

10:34:15PM	Riverside Dance
  	Name: Jay Hoggard
Name of CD: Solo From Two Sides
Composer:Jay Hoggard
Track Label: JHVM
Catalog Number: 0003

10:41:55PM	Lonnie's Lament
  	Name: Jessica Williams
Name of CD: The Art Of The Piano
Composer:John Coltrane
Track Label: Origin
Catalog Number: 82542

10:53:48PM	Central Park West
  	Name: John Coltrane
Name of CD: Coltrane's Sound
Composer:John Coltrane
Track Label: Rhino
Catalog Number: 75588

10:58:19PM	No Looking Back
  	Name: Luis Bonilla
Name of CD: I Talking Now
Composer:Luis Bonilla
Track Label: Planet Arts/Now Jazz
Catalog Number: 300977

11:06:57PM	Penn Relays
  	Name: Cecil Brooks
Name of CD: Hot Dog
Composer:C. Earland
Track Label: Savant
Catalog Number: 2097

11:17:30PM	Flamenco Sketches (alternate take)
  	Name: Miles Davis
Name of CD: Kind Of Blue
Composer:Miles Davis
Track Label: Columbia/Legacy
Catalog Number: 45885

11:27:00PM	Deacceleration
  	Name: Eddie Harris/Ellis Marsalis
Name of CD: Homecoming
Composer:Eddie Harris
Track Label: Elm
Catalog Number: 19789

11:38:09PM	Enter, Evening
  	Name: Cecil Taylor
Name of CD: Unit Structures
Composer:Cecil Taylor
Track Label: Blue Note
Catalog Number: 84237

11:49:12PM	Les Matin Des Noire
  	Name: Archie Shepp
Name of CD: New Thing At Newport
Track Label: Impulse
Catalog Number: 105

Eric Jackson
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