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 09/18/09 ~ "Overnight Jazz: The Soundz Of Surprize" "Playlist" of
Dean Arnold Mikeside For djSOS aka Peter Poses from KRFC FT

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Overnight Jazz: The Soundz Of Surprize (Jazz) with Dean Arnold
09/18/2009 12:00AM to 03:00AM (03:00AM to 06:00AM Prerecorded ~ Non

12:01AM Medeski Martin & Wood “Chasen vs Suribachi” from Radiolarians
II (CD, Album, Jazz, 2009, added 05/12/2009) on Indirecto Records

12:06AM The Yaron Herman Trio “Twins” from Muse (CD, Album, Jazz,
2009) on Sunnyside

12:12AM AJ Kluth Quintet “Lithia” from Twice Now (CD, Album, Jazz, 2009) on OA2

12:20AM Jack Cortner BIG BAND “Sound Check” from Sound Check (CD,
Album, Jazz, 2009) on Jazzed Media Local

12:24AM Gretchen Parlato “E.S.P.” from in a dream (CD, Album, Jazz,
2009) on ObliqSound

12:28AM Adam Glasser “I Mean You” from free at first (CD, Album, Jazz,
2009) on Sunnyside

12:35AM Le Boeuf Brothers “Code Word” from A House Without Doors (CD,
Album, Jazz, 2009, added 06/01/2009) on LBM (http://www.LBjazz.com)

12:41AM Dave Tull “I Just Want To Get Paid!” from I Just Want To Get
Paid (CD, Album, Jazz, 2009, added 08/13/2009) on Toy Car Records

12:48AM Helio Alves “Doce de Coco” from It's Clear (CD, Album, Jazz,
2009, added 05/19/2009) on Reservoir

12:53AM The N. Glenn Davis Quintet “Fumba Rumba” from Come Right In
(CD, Album, Jazz, 2009, added 06/02/2009) on Jazzed Media

12:59AM Etienne Charles “Papa Bois” from Folklore (CD, Album, Jazz,
2009, added 06/01/2009) on Etienne Charles Music

01:04AM The Charlie Shoemake/Terry Trotter Quartets “Nica's Tempo”
from Inside (CD, Album, Jazz, 2009) on Chase Music Group

01:08AM Mika Pohjola “Have You Met Miss Jones” from Northern Sunrise
(CD, Album, Jazz, 2009) on Blue Music Group

01:11AM Ernestine Anderson “This Can't Be Love” from A Song For You
(CD, Album, Jazz, 2009) on High Note

01:17AM Wayne Wallace Latin Jazz Quintet “Solid” from Bien Bien! (CD,
Album, Jazz, 2009) on Patois Records

01:23AM Jerry Bergonzi “Malaga” from Simply Put (CD, Album, Jazz,
2009) on Savant

01:28AM Joel Frahm and Bruce Katz “The House That Jack Built” from
Project A ~ ("Aretha'zz Music") (CD, Album, Jazz, 2009, added
08/27/2009) on Anzic Records

01:34AM David Crowell Ensemble “Point Reyes” from Spectrum (CD, Album,
Jazz, 2009) on Innova

01:45AM Tom Harrell “Marching” from Prana Dance (CD, Album, Jazz,
2009, added 09/11/2009) on High Note

01:50AM Mario Grigorov “Before She Walked Away” from Paris To Cuba
(CD, Album, Jazz, 2009) on Warm & Genuine Records

01:55AM Fred Hess “Hold On” from Hold On (CD, Album, Jazz, 2009, added
08/20/2009) on Dazzle Records Local

02:02AM Jeremy Davenport “Mr. New Orleans” from We'll Dance 'Til Dawn
(CD, Album, Jazz, 2009) on Basin Street Records

02:06AM J.D. Allen “East Boogie” from Shine! (CD, Album, Jazz, 2009)
on Sunnyside (Naive)

02:11AM John Hicks “Upper Manhattan Medical Group” from I Remember You
(CD, Album, Jazz, 2009) on High Note

02:17AM Buck Pizzarelli and the West Texas Tumbleweeds “Jingle,
Jangle, Jingle” from Diggin' Up Bones (CD, Album, Jazz, 2009) on
Arbors Jazz

02:22AM Jim Ketch “Changes You Can Believe In” from Next Set (CD,
Album, Jazz, 2009, added 09/15/2009) on Summit

02:29AM Herb Alpert and Lani Hall “Besame Mucho” from Anything Goes
(CD, Album, Jazz, 2009) on Concord

02:33AM Joe Martin “The Balloon Song” from Not By Chance (CD, Album,
Jazz, 2009) on Anzic

02:39AM Kevin Deitz “Arch Type” from Skylines (CD, Album, Jazz, 2009) on Origin

02:44AM Terence Blanchard “Byus” from Choices (CD, Album, Jazz, 2009,
added 08/13/2009) on Concord

02:51AM Craig Buhler “Roll Over Redmond” from Skykomish (CD, Album,
Jazz, 2008, added 11/11/2008) on Discernment Music

02:55AM Medeski Martin & Wood “Wonton” from Radiolarians III (CD,
Album, Jazz, 2009, added 09/08/2009) on Indirecto

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