[JPL] PLAYLIST #264 tuesday September 29 J & B Tour with ASFM105.4 in The Netherlands

Joost van Steen joost at jazzbluestour.nl
Wed Sep 23 05:35:22 EDT 2009

Hai All.
So we're back from vacation and regular matters picked up again such as next 
week back to the regular job again :-(
The vacation on the island Ameland was great, lovely weather and a real 
relaxing vacation.
Now picking up the pace again and herewith the new playlist starting on 
September 29.
Some extra info; as From October 6 the show will be aired between 6 - 8 pm 
GMT and with this the show will get bigger exposure and the format will 
change a bit.
The new format will be that all the tracks ( uptempo Jazz and Blues and 
easylistening Blues and Jazz) will be mixed throughout the whole program and 
not in a fixed pattern as it is now ( uptempo in the first hour and going to 
easylistening at the end of the 2nd hour). The special blocks ( Do You 
Remember and Chet Session) will be placed every week on another place and in 
time the "Chet"-session will be replaced for a period with the "M"-iles 
Moment""  meaning ofcourse Miles Davis.
Hope you do like these ideas and looking forward to your comments
Jazz & Blues Tour
C/O  Joost van Steen
PO  BOX  471
2400  AL  Alphen aan den Rijn
The Nehterlands
 September 29   # 264
 1st Hour  21:00-22:00 hrs
  Nr.    Artist   ---   Title   ====    From The Album;
    1 Wayne Bergeron    ---     You Call this A Living?   ====    You Call 
this A Living?

    2 Matt Wigler   ---    Lateral Climb    ====     Epiphony
    3  Stevie Cochran    ---   Misunderstood    ====     Live At Montreux

    4 Beat Kaestli     ---    Somebody New    ====    Far From Home ( A 
tribute to European Song )
    5 Elephant Shelf     ---   SnakeBite     ====    In Trouble Again

    6 Gene Krupa & Buddy Rich    ---    Night Train (from Burnin' Beat - 
1962)    ====    Gene Krupa
    7 Sonny Terry    ---   Blues From The Bottom     ====     Sonny is King

    8 Chad McCullough     ---    Three Pillars     ====     Dark Wood, Dark 
    9 Patrick Vining Band feat. Mike Bourne    ---    Money's Getting 
Cheaper     ====     Atlanta Boogie

  10 Paul Renz     ---    I Don't Know Why I'm Glad      ====     In My Own 
  11 Ricky Sweum      ---    Hot Sonny Day     ====     Pulling Your Own 

  September 29 # 264   Lean Back and Enjoy The 2nd Hour...
 2nd hour 22:00 - 23:00 hrs
  Nr.    Artist     ---    Title     ====     From The Album;
   1 Mike Zito     ---    All Last Night     ====    Pearl River

   2 Jacqueline Hopkins     ---    Longing     ====    Topsy Turvy
   3 Looping Jaw Harp Orchestra     ---    Jam and Eggs     ==== 
Elephant Road

   4 Bug     ---     Wishful Thinking     ====     The Gadfly
   5 Texas Slim     ---      Cool With The Flow     ====      Driving Blues

                                  The "CHET"  - Session
   6   Chet Baker     ---     Funk In Deep Freeze     ====     She Was Good 
to Me
   7  Donna Greene & the Roadhouse Daddies     ---     Shoe Boy     ==== 
A Girl's Gotta Have a Little Pleasure

   8 Tommie Brewster    ---    You Stole Him    ====     In the Making
   9 Courtney Fortune     ---    Speak Love     ====    Speak Love

 10  Joe Beck  -  Laura Theodore    ---   Don't Smoke in Bed     ==== 
Golden Earrings

END Jean Toots Thielemans    ---   Hard To Say Goodbye     ====     Hard To 
Say Goodbye
               © JvS, September - 2009, Jazz & Blues Tour ® NL, All Rights 
So, glad to be back and  that's it for this show. Ofcourse all your 
comments, tips, tricks always highly appreciated!
Have yourself a great week, take care of each other and yourself and do be 
Kind regards
Joost van Steen, Host / producer Jazz & Blues Tour with ASFM105.4 in Alphen 
aan den Rijn, The Netherlands

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