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Aloha JPLers,

For those that know and those who don't, I want to remind everyone that
my last day at WCPN-FM is October 2nd.  Regular local jazz coverage on
the radio has ceased to exist in mid-July.  Bob Parlocha's satellite
service is in place during the week as is Jim Wilke's during the

Record companies and marketers,  do yourself a favor; save yourselves a
few bucks and discontinue sending product to the station.  They don't
have the ability to play it or keep it.  I would only send product if
you have an act that is scheduled to perform in town.  In that case, it
would be best to send it Dave DeOreo or Dee Perry.  

ddeoreo at wcpn.org  - Producer/ Around Noon and Applause

dperry at wcpn.org  - Host/ Around Noon and Applause

Dee is the host of two shows.  One is a weekday one hour radio show
called "Around Noon" and the other is a weekly television show called,
"Applause."  They feature local cultural arts stories.  The turnaround
time on the television show is a lot longer than the radio show but be
sure to give them about a month of notice as they schedule stories at
least two to three weeks out front. You might get five or ten minutes to
make an on-air pitch.

As for me, I've got some challenges to deal with immediately, both
professionally and health wise.  If you hear of anything I can be
plugged into, I'd appreciate a heads up.  I will land somewhere and
hopefully in this fold.  Most of all, I don't want to be defined by what
happened to me in Cleveland this summer but by how I responded to what
happened.  We all get a turn to grapple with adversity.  There's a Betty
Carter Roulette recording that said it best with its title, "Now It's My

Be well, everyone!

The Light Is On...

Bobby Jackson 

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This week's sponsor:  The North Coast Brewing Co Presents "The Brother
Thelonious Quintet":

"Brother Thelonious", the new CD from the Brother Thelonious Quintet
spotlights the performing, composing and arranging talents of six
Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz Performance alumni.  Pianist Helen
Sung, bassist Alan Hampton, drummer James Alsanders, tenor saxophonist
Wayne Escoffery, trumpeter Ambrose Akinmusire and vocalist Gretchen
Parlato perform six classic Monk tunes and four original tunes on this
new CD.  100% of the proceeds from the sale of "Brother Thelonious"
benefit the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz - www.monkinstitute.org


What are the restrictions and guidelines regarding Podcasts. 
I understand there are some limitations regarding length of music versus


Thanks  Tom

"The arrangements show thought, daring, care and concern that they and
this music be given some serious listening."  Ron Carter

Request a copy of "Brother Thelonious" for your station now - email
doug at moodysmood.com


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