[JPL] Branford Marsalis thoughts on "Nerd Jazz"

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This is certainly one of the complaints that has been leveled at the
tremendous increase in jazz education in recent years, that the instrumental
techniques are being taught to a wide variety of students who haven't lived
enough to really be able to tell their own story.  And there is a 'technical
hero' attitude (maybe what Branford is referring to as a jazz nerd) where
instrumentalists are praised for the muscularity and technical wizardry of
their playing rather than the emotional aspect.

I think that this is another aspect of the art/innovation versus craft
debate that resurfaces periodically.


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> I tend to agree, Russ. However, no one has pointed out how the
> listener,( and that could be us) at different points in time, is
> "ready" to hear just that certain tune played in that certain style.
>    Haven't we all found ourselves in a mood on one night when we are
> aching to hear  Bill Evans-style 'pianioism'/contemplative music? Then
> on another show, we're in a  "down and dirty" mood.; or are  'primed'
> for Latin; or just HAVE to hear Art Pepper's tonal quality.
>    i understand the point Branford is making, however. I'm thinking
> especially of pianists here, but there do seem to be a plethora of
> artists today who, for want of a better term, do a lot of 'noodling'
> and very little 'sweating', if you get my drift. Simply put, a lotta
> mind and not so much heart.        Gene Abkarian
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