[JPL] Branford Marsalis thoughts on "Nerd Jazz"

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This  thread is actually interesting in more ways than one....
Truer words were never spoken, and the vitality of the thread moves me to  
amplify my earlier remark. I saw Branford at Birdland on the night that his  
record company rented the place, to profile his groups. Harry Connick's  
small-group instrumental set, etc. That night, Branford seemed to be doing the 
 gymnastics approach of arpeggios, little concern for melody or  
I saw him doing a master class at Williams College, and was riveted by his  
charisma and his ability to communicate. I also learned that he's a nice 
fellow,  and an interesting cat, to boot.
The time he appeared at the Tanglewood Jazz Festival, perhaps 7 or 8 years  
ago, he was the only performer on the bill who was not called back for an  
encore. The applause was very mild.
Fortunately, all these experiences are at least 5 years old, and the  
current thread inspires me to listen a-new.

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