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Hello friends,

Recently, the fine folks over at NPR’s A Blog Supreme have started 
asking young jazz aficionados to recommend five recordings from recent 
years that they would give to someone who was just getting into jazz. 
I’m much, much too old to have been asked to be a part of the series 
(clocking in at an ancient 36), but here are my contributions anyway.


In other news, this week I posted a special report on the Justice For 
Jazz Artists campaign. The American Federation of Jazz Musicians Local 
802 is trying to win pension benefits for jazz musicians who play in New 
York City clubs. In 2007, Local 802 fought and won tax relief for NYC 
jazz clubs, with the expectation of state legislators that the clubs 
would use this money to provide pension benefit contributions for jazz 
artists. Now that the tax money has been made available, the club owners 
have yet to put the money towards benefits.

In this interview, Local 802 Jazz/Education Representative Todd Weeks 
lays out the history of the Justice For Jazz Artists campaign and talks 
about the importance of pensions and other benefits for the musicians — 
young and old — who play jazz. (Note: The PLAY button is at the bottom 
of the post.)


I've got some good stuff coming your way this week and next...

This week on the show: Joris Teepe (Monday), David Gibson (Wednesday) 
and Mike Stern (Friday).

Next week: The return of Laurie Pepper (wife of Art Pepper, on Monday), 
Dave Rivello (Wednesday), and Julian Lage (Friday).

And now, on to the update...


On Monday:
THE JAZZ SESSION #89: JORIS TEEPE. Dutch bassist Joris Teepe has lived 
in New York for the past 20 years, making a name for himself with 
everyone from Benny Golson to the late Rashied Ali. Recently, Teepe was 
commissioned to write music for both an orchestra and a big band in 
Europe. Those two experiences were so positive that he decided to start 
a big band in New York, and the result is the CD We Take No Prisoners 
(Challenge Records/Twinz Records, 2009). In this interview, conducted in 
Teepe’s back yard in Englewood, NJ, Teepe talks about how Don Braden 
helped him learn to arrange for large ensembles; how he approaches the 
bass in the very different bands of Golson and Ali; and why he decided 
two decades ago to follow the “New York sound” across the water.
On Wednesday:
THE JAZZ SESSION #90: DAVID GIBSON. Trombonist David Gibson delivers 
another album full of melody and grounded in a strong sense of purpose 
on his new CD A Little Somethin’ (Posi-Tone, 2009). Gibson is a veteran 
of the Dizzy Gillespie All-Star Big Band, and a leader in his own right. 
In this interview, Gibson talks about the importance of melody in his 
writing; the sound of a working band; and why he chooses to focus on 
original compositions.

On Friday:
THE JAZZ SESSION #88: MIKE STERN. Guitarist Mike Stern has played with 
everyone. And yes, that includes Miles Davis. After decades in the 
business, he could easily be resting on his laurels. Instead, he’s 
pushing himself into new territory, as displayed on his CD Big 
Neighborhood (Heads Up, 2009), which finds him in the company of 
everyone from Esperanza Spaulding to Randy Brecker to Eric Johnson to 
Steve Vai. In this interview, Stern talks about why he likes surrounding 
himself with fresh ideas; his rockin’ side and his lyrical side; and how 
guitarist Hiram Bullock once blew Michael Brecker’s mind.


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