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Robert Putignano bob8003 at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 1 12:52:45 EDT 2010

Hi Jim:  One of the authors of "Radio Store Days" (Phil Gallo) will be my guest at WFDU on 4/21 at around 11:30am eastern, streams live at:  http://wfdu.fm
I'm impressed that you still have Jimmy Dayton (my favorite) and Happy Tunes bags!

I stated in retail back in the late 60s....my first job was for Cox Records
in Brooklyn located at Flatbush & 7th.
Before Cox, I really wouldn¹t call it a job, there was this local juke box
distributor in my neighborhood... these Œguys¹ would let me sort through
their stacks of used 45s...anyway after Cox I did a brief stint at the
legendary Strand Bookstore 12th & Bway right across the street from Jimmy
Dayton¹s Records...Big Fat Jay worked there who used to own the Jazz Record
Center in Times Sq.  From Strand I went to Happy Tunes which was owned by
Dante Puglisie (Trip-Upfront-Springboard and a kids label Happy Tunes hence
the name for the store)... I continued in retail opening the original Soho
Music Gallery located at Grand and Wooster.  Opened my own store briefly in
Park Slope Brooklyn back in 80s then managed the Jazz Dept for J & R Music
World.  I ended my retail career with a bang after working Thanksgiving
straight through to the Xmas with no days off...when my knee caps gave outI
called it quits and never looked back.
BTW-I still have the original yellow smiley face LP bag from Happy Tunes and
original Jimmy Dayton¹s LP bag with Jimmy smoking a cigarette.

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