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Mark Griffith nomsgmusic at verizon.net
Thu Apr 1 14:08:20 EDT 2010

I have to get this book. Growing up outside of Philadelphia, Third  
Street Jazz was like a mecca for me. It got soooo much of my $$$, and  
I wouldn't have it ANY differently. In it's heyday, this store (along  
with WRTI) was the best course of jazz (and music) history that a  
younger person could get.  Those two things influenced so much of who  
I am as a working musician today. If there is anyone on this list  
that was a part of either of those, THANK YOU!!!!

Mark Griffith

On Apr 1, 2010, at 12:05 PM, Paul Combs wrote:

> I remember, growing up in Philadelphia, being about the same age  
> 13-14 and buying my first jazz records in similar stores. Some like  
> a couple  up on Market Street, would play a track for you on the  
> house system, others like Sam Goody on 15th Street hat the booths  
> like those Steve remembers. What nice memories this thread brings up.
> Thanks,
> Paul
> Steve Schwartz wrote:
>> I started buying jazz LPs wile a teenager in Southern California  
>> in the late 1950s.
>> One of my favorites places to do so was Wallach's Music City at  
>> the corner of
>> Sunset and Vine.
>> They actually had a row of small listening booths where you could  
>> take a few LPs
>> into and listen in privacy. This is before shrink wrapping.
>> The booths had huge glass windows so you could see out onto the  
>> street.
>> One occasion stands out to this day. I don't remember the album I  
>> was listening to,
>> but as I looked out the window while listening, walking by me on  
>> Sunset was
>> Gerry Mulligan. I knocked on the glass to get his attention, held  
>> up the album cover,
>> indicating that I was a jazz fan. Gerry waved and gave me a big  
>> smile and continued
>> walking past me.
>> I'm 15 or 16 years old.
>> What a thrill!
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