[JPL] Query from listener

Maurice Hogue onemansjazz at shaw.ca
Thu Apr 1 15:34:10 EDT 2010

Can anyone help me out on this?  I received this query from
a listener a couple of days ago.

"Hoping that you can help me identify an artist/title from a 50s-era 
documentary called
  "Down on Skid Row" by Johnny Rex. The easiest way to find it is to google 
the title with
"minnesota video vault" in the search, then watch the beginning of the 
movie. After the
initial credits, you hear something that sounds like early Miles or very 
early Sun Ra, but
by about a minute in there's a very hard driving Mingus-esque bass followed 
by a haunting
yet quirky two horn melody. Do you know who this is?"

This will get you to the site, click on "entire show".


Any clues?

PS  the Johnny Rex mentioned above is the alias of John Bacich.

Maurice Hogue
CKUW Winnipeg

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