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Arturo Gomez arturo at kuvo.org
Thu Apr 1 18:09:57 EDT 2010

Just as Starbux cells CDs in their outlets now, back in the day record racks were part of the standard stock of neighborhood Latin grocery stores. I remember coming up in the 1960s in Pasadena, the 3 Cuban specialty neighborhood markets as well as their counterparts in nearby Glendale, El Monte, Covina and across town in Echo Park, Culver City, Huntington Park, Lenox wherever there was a Cuban market there was a rack of LPs being sold, merchandise supplied by 1-stop distributors.  As an adult I learned from my cousins in New Jersey and Miami that the markets there had the same rack of LPs, as did pharmacies.  I also learned that racking records was also done in Black neighborhood markets and other shops as well. I recall the LPs were sold for $1.99.

I used to pay .49¢ for 45rpms in the 1960s, I get the money to purchase them by collecting soda bottles, we'd get .2¢ for the 12oz and a nickel for the quart size bottle.

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