[JPL] Re: Pioneer Afro Cuban Jazz songtress is gravely ill

Arturo Gomez arturo at kuvo.org
Tue Apr 6 14:23:28 EDT 2010

Carol wrote <<< Thank you for this beautiful bio and the clips. Only one show that I know of had announced her illness and played a small tribute to her - it was a Latin radio show in New York city last Monday or Tuesday evening. After that, I searched through the web and couldn't find any more info. Graciela is truly one of the great musical voices and hits one straight in the heart. >>>

I'm not surprised at all as the Afro-Cuban/Latin side of jazz has always been over looked, underappreciated and mostly ignored by most jazz followers, the Ken Burns documentary is a perfect example, yet jazz as we know it-in fact US music forms and pop culture would be as enriched as it is without the Caribbean and Latin tinge, heck Jelly Roll knew way back when and despite recent attempts by the Jazz Smithsonian and WGBH to make jazz and music fans aware of the importance of Afro Cuban and Latin music influences, Latin jazz still falls between the cracks and some stations disregard it completely as part of their jazz mix and relegate it to "speciality" or "spice" status if at all

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