[JPL] Jazz and The Jim Rome Show

Derrick Lucas derrick at jazz901.org
Wed Apr 7 12:53:05 EDT 2010

Yesterday on The Jim Rome Show there was a heated debate on the greatest
drummers in music. The guys on the show were arguing over skin guys such
as Phil Collins of Genesis, Peter Kriss of KISS, Rick Allen-Def Leppard,
Tommy Lee-Motley Crew to name just a few. Then one of the hosts *Petros
Papadakis *said that Art Blakey was the *greatest* drummer of all time-hands
down. As the other were mentioning other drummers Petros became even more
adamant and louder about Blakey until there were no more dissenters.

The significance of all of this is that people who listen to the show are
called "the clones" and anything or anyone that they mention or promote on
the show will have thier listeners will go out to see, buy or in some
cases boycott depending on the mood of the host.

The Jungle (the nickname for the Jim Rome Show) has over 200 affiliates and
a listenership of nearly 3 million

Score 1 for Art and for jazz


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