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Arturo Gomez arturo at kuvo.org
Wed Apr 7 13:52:35 EDT 2010


<<<<< Yesterday on The Jim Rome Show there was a heated debate on the greatest

drummers in music. The guys on the show were arguing over skin guys such

as Phil Collins of Genesis, Peter Kriss of KISS, Rick Allen-Def Leppard,

Tommy Lee-Motley Crew to name just a few. Then one of the hosts *Petros

Papadakis *said that Art Blakey was the *greatest* drummer of all time-hands

down. As the other were mentioning other drummers Petros became even more

adamant and louder about Blakey until there were no more dissenters.  >>>>

Curious thing about their debate on drummers, even keeping it limited to rock and or pop drummers, there are several far superior IMO drummers in that genre then the afore mentioned.

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