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Wed Apr 7 14:56:06 EDT 2010

Tony Williams!!!!!



Bobby Jackson

On Apr 7, 2010, at 12:53 PM, Derrick Lucas wrote:

> Yesterday on The Jim Rome Show there was a heated debate on the  
> greatest
> drummers in music. The guys on the show were arguing over skin guys  
> such
> as Phil Collins of Genesis, Peter Kriss of KISS, Rick Allen-Def  
> Leppard,
> Tommy Lee-Motley Crew to name just a few. Then one of the hosts  
> *Petros
> Papadakis *said that Art Blakey was the *greatest* drummer of all  
> time-hands
> down. As the other were mentioning other drummers Petros became even  
> more
> adamant and louder about Blakey until there were no more dissenters.
> The significance of all of this is that people who listen to the  
> show are
> called "the clones" and anything or anyone that they mention or  
> promote on
> the show will have thier listeners will go out to see, buy or in some
> cases boycott depending on the mood of the host.
> The Jungle (the nickname for the Jim Rome Show) has over 200  
> affiliates and
> a listenership of nearly 3 million
> Score 1 for Art and for jazz
> Cheers!
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