[JPL] The best drummer

dick lapalm dlpjazz at thegrid.net
Thu Apr 8 16:08:07 EDT 2010

Max Roach and I were close friends since the days in the late 50's when
I worked on several of his albums, including the classic, Deeds Not Words.

He was the consummate musician, and, in my opinion, the best and most
complete of all drummers.  Like Oscar Robertson and Michael Jordan,
Max could do it all.  ALL!

Max was the father of modern drumming.  His playing caused a sense of
wonderment amongst those who came before and after him.  They viewed
his work as the standard by which to learn and measure themselves.  Many
considered his recordings as installments in a correspondence course.

He could make the drum kit sound as tuneful as a piano!  In fact, he
could do so using only the hi-hat!  He remains, unquestionably, "the
drummer's drummer".

Dick LaPalm

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