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I used to frequent the club often, and sat in with Papa Jo too, many times.  I was pretty young, but if I recall correctly he really was a fixture on the drums there, and also smiled a whole lot.  I was thinking about the West End recently, and how I also met Eddie Durham there, who played both guitar and trombone... those were some wonderful sessions!  




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When I was in college in NYC Phil Schaap, who was also a student then, booked jazz across the street at a place called The West End.  I got to see Papa Joe Jones on a regular basis, sometimes many times a week. He was a magician and never failed to excite. 
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> Mr. Roach wouldn't have been Mr Roach if it wasn't for this gentleman. > Although his work on the hi hat...which he practically single handedly > defined for jazz... isn't shown in this clip and where Max got this idea > from...Max, Buddy, Art,..just about all of them pointed in his direction. 
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ziQkWyIwo4 
> Jae Sinnett 
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