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Janice Mancuso tradesecrets at comcast.net
Thu Apr 15 13:19:10 EDT 2010


Many stations have links off their website playlists to purchase music at Amazon and receive a percentage of the transaction value back to help support the station.  In classical music, some stations use Arkimusic the same way.

I'm posting this up as a heads-up to other stations that may not realize there can be a problem if this is announced over the air inappropriately.

The station I'm on, KMHD, owned by Mt. Hood Community College and now operated for them by Oregon Public Broadcasting, has such a program.  

When we were operated by MHCC, on-airs were encouraged to promote this participation with Amazon by announcing that our playlists were on our website and that links were there to purchase through Amazon in support of KMHD.

Now OPB's legal department has informed us that we must NOT say that.  

We can direct listeners to the on-line playlists and say that there are links to purchase but we can not name Amazon or describe any 'commission' arrangement.

They have told us that other stations have been fined by the FCC for doing this in violation of underwriting guidelines.  I was told the call letters, but since I don't know it personally, I'm not posting it.

I'm a volunteer, I'm not in administration, but this does sound correct for non-profit stations and I'm posting this up as informational.   None of us want to see precious public radio dollars spent paying fines to the FCC!


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