[JPL] Jazz trumpeter mourns death of Polish president

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Jazz trumpeter mourns death of Polish president
By Patrick Cole
Sunday, Apr. 18 2010
When jazz trumpeter Tomasz Stanko heard about the death of Polish President
Lech Kaczynski, he was preparing for a five-night run at Manhattan's 
Jazz Club.

Stanko, the elder statesman of jazz in Poland, will dedicate his 
concerts to
the 96 people who died April 10 when a plane carrying Kaczynski to a 
for a World War II massacre crashed near Smolensk, Russia.

"I am a musician, and my way of mourning is to play music," said Stanko, 
who was acquainted with the Polish president.

Sitting at Birdland's bar before a sound check, Stanko recalled seeing
saxophonist Wayne Shorter playing a concert after his daughter had just 

"He had to still play," Stanko said. "Music is our language, and this is 
way of communicating."

The group Friday was to play some songs from its most recent recording, 
Eyes" (ECM 2009), a collection of somber and mysterious songs with a strong
rhythmic foundation. The players, mostly young Scandinavians, include 
Alexi Tuomarila and drummer Olavi Louhivuori of Finland, and guitarists 
Bro and Anders Christensen of Denmark.

A recording of the performance may be released on CD by Stanko's record 

"My music is influenced by our climate in Poland," said Stanko, wearing 
a black
fedora and sport coat. "We don't have a lot of light in Poland. The sun 
and the
light dictate the kind of music you make."

A student of saxophonist Ornette Coleman and trumpeter Miles Davis, Stanko
explored different approaches to improvisation, traveling in India and 
with innovators such as guitarist Taj Mahal and saxophonist Chico Freeman.

Kaczynski will leave a strong legacy, Stanko said.

"Kaczynski was a very noble person," he said. "He respected art and 

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