[JPL] Playlist: "Primetime Jazz" * Friday April 23rd * Radio Adelaide 101.5FM

Gregory L Fisher jazzviews at yahoo.com.au
Thu Apr 22 00:26:54 EDT 2010

This is my playlist for "Primetime Jazz", Friday April 23rd heard on Radio Adelaide 101.5FM (Australia) now from 7-9pm (CST).

Many thanks to all the fine artists and labels who continue to support great Jazz being heard in this part of the world.

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2010 - April            
Friday (What's New?) 23/04/2010 Primetime Jazz Radio Adelaide 101.5FM
Artiste / CD Title / Track Title / Label
Chick Corea / Friends / Waltse For Dave / Polydor
Joe Locke David Hazeltine Quartet / Mutual Admiration Society 2 / One For Reedy Ree / Sharp Nine Records
John(ny) McLaughlin / Electric Guitarist / Every Tear From Every Eye / Columbia
* Dale Barlow / Treat Me Gently / Fight Or Flight Response Blues / Jazzhead
* Sam Keevers Nonet / No Exceptions / Livro / Jazzhead
* Tal Wilkenfeld / Transformation / The River Of Life / Independent
Yellow Jackets (w/Mike Stern) / Lifecycle / I Wonder / Heads Up
Return To Forever / Returns [Live] / Romantic Warrior (inc Solar) / Eagle Records
Return To Forever / Returns [Live] / El Bayo de Negro / Eagle Records
Return To Forever / Returns [Live] / Romantic Warrior (Continued) / Eagle Records
Return To Forever / Returns [Live] / No Mystery / Eagle Records
The Brecker Brothers / The Brecker Bros. / Some Skunk Funk / Arista
The Brecker Brothers / Don't Stop The Music / Tabula Rasa / Arista
Jean-Luc Ponty / Upon The Wings Of Music / Waving Memories / Atlanic-Collectables

* denotes Australian artist(s) on recording.


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