[JPL] Pronunciation Guide for Antonio Adolfo / Carol Saboya CD "Lá e Cá / Here & There"

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Dear List...

Linda Yohn brought to my attention that a pronunciation guide for the CD  "Lá e Cá / Here & There" by the father-daughter team of pianist / composer / arranger Antonio Adolfo and vocalist Carol Saboya.

Below are what I believe are the mine fields for Gringos on this CD (the phonetics were provided by veteran publicist Terri Hinte who is working the PR angle on this project and speaks Brasilian Portuguese).  The accented syllable is in CAPS:

CD TITLE = Lá e Cá = "Lah ee Kah"

Track 1 = Casvacel = "Cass-KAH-vel"

Track 7 = Sabiá = "Sah-bee-AH"

Track 8 = Lullaby Of Birdland / Garoto = "Gah-ROW-too"

Track 11 = Every Time We Say Goodbye / Nuvebs Douradas = "NOO-vengs Dough-RAH-dahs"

Track #12 = Toada Jazz (O Retirante) = "Tow-AH-dah Jazz / Oo Ray-chee-RAHN-chee"

MUSICIANS NAMES - most are as they would be read except as follows:

LEO AMUEDO = Leo Ah-MWAY-dough


I hope this helps!  If anyone needs more help please contact me off list.  If anyone has better pronunciations please post them!



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