[JPL] PLAYLIST #292 J&B Tour April 27 with ASFM105.4 The Netherlands

Joost van Steen joost at jazzbluestour.nl
Sat Apr 24 04:33:49 EDT 2010

Hai All
Very strange past weeks with the flightrestrictions allover Europe which als 
had a slight impact on delivery of new material from abroad but nevertheless 
ofcourse possible to compose nice shows with all the nice material already 
at hand.
Furthermore very proud to announce that the Jazz & Blues Tour is also aired 
through another radiostation with whom our station is working together.
As a matter a fact that is the station, Radio Rijnwoude, where the Jazz & 
Blues Tour was "born" in September 2001 and after the move to Alphen Stad FM 
always stayed in touch and so this intiative was taken to also start sending 
the show again over the airways of Radio Rijnwoude....
So for you musicians and artists again more exposure.....
Jazz & Blues Tour
C/O  Joost van Steen
PO  BOX  471
2400  AL  Alphen aan de Rijn
The Netherlands
     April 27 # 292

 1st Hour  19:00-20:00 hrs
  Nr.   Artist   ---   Title    ====     From The Album;
   1 Tim Davies Big Band    ---   Gubernatorial Recall   ====    Dialmentia

   2 Tommy Lee Cook    ---    Six Strings     ====     Down Cemetery Road
   3 Jim  Pearce    ---    Noodlearity    ====    I'm In The Twilight Of A 
Mediocre Career

   4 Audio CuLtuRes    ---    Beautiful People     ====    Breaking The 
Sound Barrier
   5 Woodleg Odd     ---     I Will Get By     ====    One Step Ahead

 DO YOU REMEMBER;... The Lionel Hampton Story;
   6  Lionel Hampton     ---     Hey! Ba-ba-re-bop     ====   Hey! 
   7  Blind Willie McTell     ---   Dyin' Crapshooters Blues    ==== 
Blind Willie McTell - 1940

   8 Sammy Rimington - Walter's Jazzmen   ---   Right Or Wrong... I Love You 
====   Jazz Mit Herz
   9 Henry Correy & The Correydors    ---    Do You Remember    ==== 
Prisoner of Desire

 10 Terence McArdle    ---   Something to Remember You By    ====    You 
Better Believe It!
 11 Five Play Jazz Quintet    ---   Flight Of The Gazorpie     ====     Five 
Play Jazz Quintet

                                          April 27 # 292   The 2nd Hour...
 2nd hour 20:00 - 21:00 hrs
  Nr. Artist TitleFrom The Album;
   1 L.A. Jones & the Blues Messengers   ---    Too Scared    ==== 
L.ittle A.lbert - Albert King Tribute

   2 Ron Davis Trio    ---   La Quiega    ====   Mungle Music
   3 Mike Dugan & The Blues Mission     ---    Blues Mind (tribute to Peter 
Green )   ====   Mission Accomplished

   4 Stan Getz Quartet    ---    Stan's Blues    ====   In Paris
   5 Los Fabulocos featuring Kid Ramos    ---  Crazy Baby    ====   Los 

 The "CHET"  - Session;
   6   Chet Baker    ---   Fine and Dandy    ===    Smokin' With The Chet 
Baker Quartet
   7  Randy Crawford & Joe Sample  ---   Respect Yourself   ====    No 
Regrets - You Guide To The North Sea Jazz Festival 2009

   8 Greg Murphy    ---  Keeping It Simple    ====    Orientation
   9 Arthur Adams    ---   I Know What You Mean     ====    Stomp the Floor

END Jean Toots Thielemans    ---    Hard To Say Goodbye     ====  Hard To 
Say Goodbye

                     © JvS, April  - 2010, Jazz & Blues Tour ® NL, All 
Rights Reserved.
Well, that's it for this show. Ofcourse all your comments, tips, tricks 
always highly appreciated!
Have yourself a great week, take care of each other, yourself and do be 
Kind regards
Joost van Steen, Host / producer Jazz & Blues Tour with ASFM105.4 in Alphen 
aan den Rijn, The Netherlands


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