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Tonight Show Bandleader Kevin Eubanks Named Artistic Director of Jazz in the

New Role Includes Visits to Los Angeles Public High Schools 
and June 6 Appearance at Catalina Jazz Club


Image removed by sender. Kevin EubanksIn conjunction with the Los Angeles
Unified School District (LAUSD) and its Beyond the Bell after-school
program, the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz is proud to announce the
appointment of virtuoso jazz guitarist and Tonight Show bandleader Kevin
Eubanks as Artistic Director of the Institute's Jazz in the Classroom
program. In this new role, Eubanks will work with young up-and-coming middle
and high school musicians in the Los Angeles public schools, many of which
have seen arts programs dwindle with recent budget cuts. 

"When you remove the arts from schools, you remove a sense of humanity as
well," said Eubanks. "It's not only the students that suffer, the entire
community suffers."

Besides teaching students about jazz, widely considered America's uniquely
indigenous art form, Eubanks will discuss the important American values jazz
represents: teamwork, unity with ethnic diversity, and democracy. He'll also
talk about the correlation of hard work and goal accomplishment and the
importance of finding a passion early in life, being persistent, and
believing in yourself. 

"Young people need to be able to express themselves in ways that educate,
uplift, and inspire self confidence," Eubanks remarked. "It's important that
everyone in the neighborhood gets to see that."

Los Angeles residents and visitors will have the opportunity to see and hear
Eubanks perform in a free concert with LAUSD music students on Sunday, June
6 at the world famous Catalina Jazz Club (6725 West Sunset Blvd., Hollywood,
CA) at 2:00 pm. Student combos from seven LAUSD schools will perform jazz
standards, classics, and contemporary tunes they have been working on
throughout the year with guidance from the Institute's jazz educators. The
finale will feature Eubanks with the LAUSD All-City Jazz Ensemble, comprised
of the best young jazz musicians across the District, under the direction of
Dr. JB Dyas, the Institute's Vice President for Education and Curriculum
Development, and Tony White, LAUSD Beyond the Bell Visual and Performing
Arts Coordinator. 

"It's been a pleasure to work with these kids each week and see them grow
and learn not only from JB [Dyas] and me," said White, "but more
importantly, learn from each other." In so doing, the student musicians are
teaching and learning from their peers not unlike virtually all great jazz
players have done throughout the music's hundred-year history. 

"And when you hear how great these young kids play," added Thelonious Monk,
Jr., the Institute's Chairman of the Board of Trustees and son of legendary
jazz pianist and composer Thelonious Monk, "you know the future of our music
is in good hands." 

"I am truly honored to join the prestigious Thelonious Monk Institute of
Jazz as Artistic Director for its Jazz in the Classroom program," concluded
Eubanks. "Please join me in not only helping but insisting that the arts
remain in our schools as a vital source of nourishment for our young men and
women. By supporting them, you support so much more. Without that support
when I was a kid, my life would have been a completely different story."

Tonight Show bandleader Kevin Eubanks is one of the top guitarists on the
scene today and is most recognized as the longtime bandleader for "The
Tonight Show with Jay Leno." Influenced by everyone from jazz legend Wes
Montgomery to rock icon Jimi Hendrix, Eubanks is widely considered one of
the world's most versatile jazz musicians. His ability to move effortlessly
in and out of musical genres has given him the flexibility necessary to lead
the Tonight Show band for eighteen years while his naturally reserved
demeanor and wonderfully dry sense of humor have made him the perfect
partner for host Jay Leno's on-camera banter. He has performed in virtually
every major venue around the globe and has released over 100 critically
acclaimed recordings with such eminent artists as Art Blakey, Slide Hampton,
Roy Haynes, Dave Holland, Branford Marsalis, and Dianne Reeves. Besides
being an internationally renowned performer and composer, Eubanks is an
esteemed jazz educator and enjoys working with up-and-coming young jazz
artists. He has taught at the Banff School of Fine Arts in Canada, Rutgers
University, and the Charlie Parker School in Perugia, Italy. A Berklee
College of Music Honorary Doctorate recipient, Dr. Eubanks currently serves
as Artistic Director of the Institute's Jazz in the Classroom program.

Learn more about Jazz in the Classroom on the Institute's website
wx-ThVAHtvcExHaF9GVZVw==> .

For more information regarding the free concert at Catalina Jazz Club on
June 6, please visit www.catalinajazzclub.com
AvsZGU5gNDhpzBJjpZZJtQ==>  or call 323-466-2210. 



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