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Laurie Antonioli intrinsicmusiccompany at gmail.com
Sun Aug 1 02:10:40 EDT 2010

Thank you so much Ed and all the others who sent me emails privately and
publicly, I appreciate your suggestions and responses.
In particular, Bob Rogers made some really good points about the value of
jazz radio and the expectations we should have.  The business is in
transition and it's true we have more control over our products, which is
good, but the tasks of promotion and production are costly in both time and
money.  For those with a more artistic personality, the notion of "promoting
yourself" is uncomfortable at best and unthinkable at worst.

I did not set out on this radio journey without some knowledge.  I sent out
many, many emails to let people know the cd's were coming, I put a personal
note on every single "one sheet" (that is 150 personal notes, handwritten,
with specifics if I knew the station or announcer.)  Shortly after I sent
out the cd's they were showing up on Amazon and eBay...at the very same time
I was releasing the CD -  imagine my dismay!  This is my first independent
release so I have not been around this block.  I used a mailing list that a
friend of mine had that came from a major radio promoter and double checked
every single address at the radio station websites to make sure people were
still there.  You get the idea.  This is in addition to the print media
outreach, which Terri Hinte is helping me with.

I have booked Jackie Ryan to do a workshop at the Jazzschool to talk about
her experience and knowledge about how to make a recording that will garner
radio airplay.  As you know, she's been very successful on the Jazz Week
charts.  I will sit in on her workshop, though it's not for a couple months
-- in the meantime, if you have any other ideas for independent artists, I'd
appreciate hearing from you. (please note:  I am not a mainstream artist,
and don't expect the same kind of response as Jackie gets.)

As the Director of the Vocal Program at the Jazzschool, I've booked scores
of Internationally known vocal artists (McFerrin, Elling, M. Murphy, Nneena
Freelon, Nancy King, Sheila Jordon, Jay Clayton, Theo Bleckmann, Kate
McGarry, etc.) to do workshops and performances at the school.  Each and
every one of them works very hard to maintain a career in this business.
And everyone is working even harder these days as there are fewer venues and
less money.

What to do?  The artists need support, the radio stations need support, the
venues need support.  I try to listen to or respond to the CD's and requests
I receive.   I pay attention to who is sending it and try to be mindful
especially to artists who are established or have been at it for a while.  I
can't imagine having 30 or 40 new CD's to listen to each week, so I am VERY
sympathetic.  Nonetheless, only one person, after posting this email, has
requested to receive a CD from me.

Please let me know if you didn't get the CD and would like one.   I will
send it to you on Monday!

Thanks for listening and thanks for your kind responses -- I hope everyone
has a fruitful, creative and musically inspired Summer.


Laurie Antonioli

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