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Mon Aug 2 07:17:07 EDT 2010

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(AUGUST 2, 2010) -- You may remember that several months back, Nathaniel 
Friedman was on The Jazz Session talking about the "jazz=basketball" 
meme. By my count, this week's interview with trumpeter David Weiss 
makes three shows in a row in which my guest has made one of those 
analogies (as happened in last week's shows with Marc Copland and Steve 
Coleman). I think Charnett Moffett may have made a similar analogy, so 
that would be four out of the last five shows. I find the whole idea 
fascinating. Here's the link to the Friedman interview, in case you 
missed it:

My friend and fellow poet Bob Sharkey here in Albany recently created an 
erasure poem based on Michael Ondaatje's 1974 biography of Buddy Bolden 
Coming Through Slaughter. I had never heard of the book until hearing 
Bob's poem, but I got a copy from the library and I'm going to dig in 
starting tonight. Want to read it with me? Grab a copy and let me know 
via email at jason at thejazzsession.com. Maybe we can talk about it in a 
future newsletter or on a future show.

I've been contributing more frequently to RocBike.com these days, a 
collaborative site about everyday bicycling. I recently wrote a post 
about discovering a waiter at a restaurant going through the bag on my 
bike. You'll find the full story at my site.

This week on the show: David Weiss (TJS #187, Monday) and Pharez Whitted 
(TJS #188, Thursday).

Next week: Eric Hofbauer (TJS #189, Monday) and Roland Vazquez (TJS 
#190, Thursday).

This week on The Jazz Session:

TJS #187: David Weiss. Trumpeter David Weiss and his band Point Of 
Departure explore music from the late 1960s on their new record, Snuck 
In (Sunnyside, 2010), recorded live at Jazz Standard in New York. In 
this interview, Weiss talks about the little-known Detroit composers who 
wrote some of the songs on the new record; why he chose to cover other 
people’s music on this recording; and how he found the impressive roster 
of talent in Point Of Departure.  SHOW AVAILABLE NOW. LISTEN

TJS #188: Pharez Whitted. It’s been 14 years since trumpeter Pharez 
Whitted last released an album, a drought he’s now ended with Transient 
Journey (Owl Studios, 2010). In this interview, Whitted talks about the 
changes in his life that led to the new recording; what it meant to grow 
up in a family where everyone played an instrument or sang; and why he 
decided early on to teach as well as play. SHOW AVAILABLE STARTING 8/5/10.


Peace, love and jazz,


Jason Crane
The Jazz Session

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