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Fri Aug 6 00:47:57 EDT 2010

LATE NITE DRIVE - explorations in Jazz that’s sayin’ something…

>From WBCX, “The Voice of Brenau.” FM: 89.1 throughout NE Georgia. Internet stream: [link @] www.brenau.edu/wbcx. …airing at midnight, every Wednesday through 3 a.m. Thursday (E.S.T.) -- followed by an additional 2 hours of extended-play and inspired recordings of ‘instantaneous composition.’

Playlist for 8-4-10

Artist/"Track Title"/ALBUM-CD/Label/Yr Released

Dr. Cornel West/"Jazz Man In The World Of Ideas"/CHOICES/Concord Jazz/'09

Darcy James Argue's Secret Society/"Transit"/INFERNAL MACHINES/New Amsterdam Records/'09

Satoko Fujii Orchestra N.Y./"Sanrei"/SUMMER SUITE/Libra/'08

Maria Schneider Orchestra/"Sky Blue"/SKY BLUE/Artist Share/'07

Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Big Band/"Quietude"LIVE AT THE VILLAGE VANGUARD/Blue Note/'67

Odean Pope/"To The Roach"/ODEAN'S LIST/In & Out Records/'10

Dave Douglas-Frankfurt Radio Big Band/"Persistence Of Memory"/A SINGLE SKY/GreenLeaf Music/'09

Charles Tolliver Big Band/"I Want To Talk About You"/EMPORER MARCH - LIVE AT THE BLUE NOTE/Half Note/'09

Vijay Iyer Trio/"Historicity"/HISTORICITY/ACT Music/'10

Gianluca Patrella/"Stockholm 64"/INDIGO 4/Blue Note/'05

Oscar Noriega's Play Party/"Kashikoi Hito"/LUCIANO'S DREAM/OmniTone/'00

Barney McAll/"Ellegua Dictate"/FLASHBACKS/Extra Celestial Arts/'09

Jeremy Pelt/"Dreamcatcher"/NOVEMBER/MaxJazz/'08

Adam Lane's Full Throttle Orchestra/"The Genius Of El Segundo"/NEW MAGICAL KINGDOM/Clean Feed/'06

Peter Evans/ "!!!!!"/THE PETER EVANS QUARTET/Firehouse 12 Records/'07

Hafez Madirzada/"Tetrapath IV: Music"/IN CHROMODAL DISCOURSE/Asian Improv Records/'93

Avishai Cohen Trio/"Pinzin Kinzin"/GENTLY DISTURBED/RazDaz Records/'08

Jon Hassell/"Northwind"/LAST NIGHT THE MOON CAME/ECM/'09

Eric Revis/"Assata"/LAUGHTER'S NECKLACE OF TEARS/Indie/'09

Scott DuBois/"Bend"/BANSHEES/Sunnyside/'08

Linda Oh Trio/"Morning Sunset"/ENTRY/Indie/'08

Gary Thomas/"Kulture Bandits"/EXILE'S GATE/Polydor/'93

Dan Pratt Organ Quartet/"The Other End"/SPRINGLOADED/Sunny Sky/'04

Kenny Wheeler/"Smatter"/GNU HIGH/ECM/'75

Julian Arguelles/"Which Way Out"/PARTITA/Basho Records/'06

Sun Ra/"Bassism"/FUTURISTIC SOUND OF SUN RA/Savoy Jazz Classic Masters/'03

Roy Haynes/"Twinkle Twinkle"/TE-VOUS/Disques Dreyfus/'94

Tomasz Stanko Quintet/"So Nice"/DARK EYES/ECM/'09

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