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Three big specials featuring Pat Metheny during the week he turns 56, plus lots of other funky business as usual on MOJA Radio...The World's Modern Jazz Radio Channel online at www.mojaradio.com.

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Russ Davis
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MOJA Radio/WEEKLY FEATURES   (9-15 August 2010)
This Monday, August 9th, we’ll present another “Happy Birthday” edition of our special feature, MONDAY WITH THE MASTERS on MOJA Radio. This time the focus is on the great guitarist, composer, 17-time Grammy-winner and MOJA Master, PAT METHENY just 4 days before his 56th birthday on Thursday the 12th of August. You’ll hear of his career beginnings growing up in Missouri, his work with greats like Gary Burton and Jaco Pastorius, the formation of one of the greatest bands in jazz history, The Pat Metheny Group, his many collaborations with everyone from Ornette Coleman to John Scofield and of course you’ll hear lots of that fantastic music. Listen for MONDAY WITH THE MASTERS twice every Monday, at Noon Eastern/9 AM Pacific, with a replay Monday night at 9 PM Eastern/6 PM Pacific and since Thursday, August 12th marks his 56th birthday, it’s a good time to say happy birthday to the great PAT METHENY!

Listen for JAMMIN’ JAZZ…JAZZ FOR THE NEW GENERATION WITH MICHELLE SAMMARTINO four times each week, Tuesdays at 9 AM and again at 9 PM EST and twice on Sunday’s at 9 AM & 9 PM EST for an hour of up, fun, funky, booty-moving stuff as only Michelle can serve up.  On Jammin’ Jazz Michelle plays jamband jazz, acid jazz, rock-influenced jazz, funk, fusion and a little sound of New Orleans too as well as her own insights that bring this great music to life! So if you can’t get enough of the funky stuff come and get it on JAMMIN’ JAZZ WITH MICHELLE four times each week on MOJA Radio! Here’s what you’ll hear on this week’s show…ARTIST…SONG (CD)
•	Jim Payne – Jabo 
•	Medeski, Martin & Wood – Cheese Blunt 
•	Oteil & The Peacemakers  - Thank You 
•	Campbell Brothers – Frammin’ 
•	DJ Williams Projekt – Projekt Management
•	Javon Jackson –If You See Kay 
•	Johnny Sketch & The Dirty Notes – Everybody Got Trouble 
•	Mayhap– Monkey Wrench
•	PBS- Bring The Flood

LIVE @ MOJALand happens four times each week here on MOJA Radio as we invite you to join us inside the world’s only imaginary jazz club for rare, live performances by the biggest names in Modern Jazz.  Listen Wednesday morning at 9 AM ET and again Wednesday night at 9 PM East/6 PM West, and twice again on Sunday at 11 AM & 11 PM ET, as part of the Sunday Specials. This week we’re celebrating Pat Metheny’s 56th birthday so we’ll take you to the LG Arts Center in Seoul, Korea for PAT METHENY GROUP: THE WAY UP LIVE. When The Way Up was released in 2004 Pat Metheny told us this was a major point in the his personal musical history as well as that of the band that was at that time celebrating almost 30 years in existence. When Pat, with Lyle Mays, Steve Rodby, Antonio Sanchez, Cuong Vu, Gregoire Maret and Nando Lauria took the music to the world on a 6-month tour, fans everywhere were able to enjoy this thrilling and majestic music live and that’s the experience we want to share with you this week.  It’s PAT METHENY GROUP: THE WAY UP LIVE on this week’s edition of LIVE @ MOJALand!

Join Russ Davis as he gives you an hour of nothing but the freshest MOJA on THE ALL NEW MUSIC REVUE every Thursday at 9 AM East/6 AM West with a replay at 9 PM East/6 PM West, and twice again on Sundays at 10 AM & 10 PM ET.  We’ll kick things off with Norway’s Jaga Jazzist and two new live pieces that appears on the DVD Live @ Cosmopolite 2005 recorded live in their hometown of Oslo. We’ll follow that with another great live release from saxophonist Skerik and his Syncopated Taint Septet’s newest “Live @ The Triple Door,” recorded in their hometown of Seattle. You’ll head down the coast to the San Francisco Bay area where drummer Wally Schnalle leads a funky band on his new one “Out Of The Pan,” followed by the saxman from Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings and the Budos Band, Cochemea Gastelum, with a great new work titled “The Electric Sound Of Johnny Arrow” which was produced by Adam Dorn, Mr. Mocean Worker himself.  So, if you want to keep up with all the newest MOJA, just listen to THE ALL NEW MUSIC REVUE four times each week! 
Here’s the new music you’ll hear this week…
•	JAGA JAZZIST....Oslo Skyline…DVD: Live @ Cosmopolite 2005  (Small Town Supersound)
•	JAGA JAZZIST....Mikado…DVD: Live @ Cosmopolite 2005  (Small Town Supersound)
•	SKERIK....To More O’s…Live @ The Triple Door (Royal Potato Family)
•	SKERIK....The Third Rail…Live @ The Triple Door (Royal Potato Family)
•	WALLY SCHNALLE....You Don’t Even Know…Out Of The Pan (Retlaw Records)
•	WALLY SCHNALLE....Side Step…Out Of The Pan (Retlaw Records)
•	COCHEMEA GASTELUM....Guardian Angel…Electric Sound Of Johnny Arrow (Mowo)
•	COCHEMEA GASTELUM....Carlito…Electric Sound Of Johnny Arrow (Mowo)
•	COCHEMEA GASTELUM....Dark City…Electric Sound Of Johnny Arrow (Mowo)

Every Friday beginning at 7 AM until midnight Eastern time we’ll begin each hour with a classic piece of Jazz Fusion history with our special feature we call IF IT’S FRIDAY, THIS MUST BE FUSION.  Recently we’ve uncovered a host of rare fusion nuggets from great English bands, many of which are totally unavailable anywhere so get ready for a great history lesson and listening session all day as we present “BRITISH INVASION: THE GREATS OF ANGLO-FUSION.” Many of the bands from England that were involved in the “Art Rock” movement also loved jazz and created a blend of rock, classical and jazz that put a uniquely British stamp on fusion in the 1960’s & ‘70’s. Maybe you remember bands like Camel, Soft Machine, Brand X (which featured Phil Collins), Ian Carr & Nucleus, Gong and National Health.  Well, if you do then get ready to remember their wonderfully creative fusion and if you don’t get ready for a delightful surprise.  It’s “BRITISH INVASION: THE GREATS OF ANGLO-FUSION,” on this week’s edition of IF IT’S FRIDAY, THIS MUST BE FUSION.

This Saturday, August 14th, we’ll focus on one of the major artists in MOJA as we present our weekly feature WORDS & MUSIC on MOJA Radio this one titled “HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAT METHENY!” Over the years Russ Davis has had the joy of talking to the great guitarist, composer, bandleader and 17-time Grammy Award Winner and since he turns 56 on Thursday the 12th of August it’s a great time to take a snapshot of a life and career that seems to have come full circle from. “Bright Size Life” to “Orchestrion” and we’ll cover it all. You’ll hear all about his earliest relationships with Gary Burton and Jaco Pastorious, to his emergence as a solo artist and the formation of The Pat Metheny Group. You’ll hear all about his collaborations with the likes of Ornette Coleman, John Scofield, Brad Mehldau and others.  You’ll hear all the changes leading us up to the ultimate solo work and the marriage of man and machine with “Orchestrion” and all along the way we’ll enjoy all that brilliant music that has helped define what jazz is for over 3 decades. Interview segments followed by music will begin each hour from Noon through Midnight Eastern time (9 AM-9 PM Pacific). Join us for “HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAT METHENY,” on this week’s WORDS & MUSIC.

Twice every Sunday listen for three of our most popular special features on what we call THE SUNDAY SPECIALS here on MOJA Radio. At 9 AM & 9 PM Eastern time you’ll hear an hour of fun and funky stuff on JAMMIN’ JAZZ…JAZZ FOR THE NEW GENERATION WITH MICHELLE SAMMARTINO followed at 10 AM and 10 PM Eastern time by our weekly look at the hottest new MOJA coming out on THE ALL NEW MUSIC REVUE. Then we’ll wrap it all up at 11 AM and 11 PM Eastern time with an hour inside the world’s only imaginary jazz club for rare, live performances on LIVE @ MOJALAND. So listen for THE SUNDAY SPECIALS twice every Sunday from 9 AM to NOON, with a replay Sunday night from 9 PM to Midnight Eastern/6-9 PM Pacific on MOJA Radio!

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