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Mon Aug 9 00:42:15 EDT 2010

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(AUGUST 9, 2010) -- I mentioned last week that I was about to read 
Michael Ondaatje's 1974 biography of Buddy Bolden Coming Through 
Slaughter. I read it and it was amazing. Highly recommended. I wrote 
this poem just after reading it:


I never heard Buddy Bolden say a goddamned thing

never saw Count Basie swing
never felt Duke love me madly
never heard Prez bend a note so sadly
never saw Miles though I was alive
never watched Mingus struggle to survive
never danced round and round with Monk
never moved to Lockjaw’s roundhouse funk
never smelled the flower in Billie’s hair
never tasted Coltrane’s thickly burning air
never swung my girl to Chick Webb’s drums
never stared amazed at Tatum’s thumbs
never laughed as Ella made up the words
never cried as Lacy called down the birds
never asked Jackie what made him tick
never nursed Charlie when he was sick
never bopped when Dizzy beed
never copped what Dexter’d need
never thought they had it made
never forget a note they played


I know that many of you started listening to The Jazz Session after I 
joined up with All About Jazz. With that in mind, I'm going to bring you 
some shows from the early days, starting this Thursday with what was 
originally TJS #8, an interview with David Torn.

This week on the show: Eric Hofbauer (TJS #189, Monday) and David Torn 
(TJS #190, Thursday).

Next week: Roland Vazquez (TJS #191, Monday) and Gene Bertoncini (TJS 
#192, Thursday).

This week on The Jazz Session:

TJS #189: Eric Hofbauer. Eric Hofbauer is using the solo guitar to 
explore American identity on a trilogy of albums that began with 
American Vanity (Creative Nation Music, 2004) and continues with 
American Fear (Creative Nation Music, 2010). In this interview, Hofbauer 
talks about the pop tunes he covers on this record; how he uses 
improvisation to lead to composition; and why he started Creative Nation 

TJS #190: David Torn. Here’s an interview from the early days of The 
Jazz Session with guitarist David Torn. This is what I had to say about 
him back then:
  He’s a film composer whose music you’ve heard in Friday Night Lights, 
Believe In Me, and The Order. He’s also contributed tones and textures 
to films like this year’s Best Picture winner, The Departed, and the 
2000 hit Traffic. Before his film days, he was known for daring musical 
collaborations on albums such as Cloud About Mercury (ECM, 1987). And 
he’s worked as a guitarist and/or producer for everyone from David Bowie 
and David Sylvian to John Legend and Tori Amos. David Torn has returned 
to ECM after two decades for prezens (ECM, 2007), an adventurous record 
that features Tim Berne, Craig Taborn and Tom Rainey. SHOW AVAILABLE 
STARTING 8/12/10.


Peace, love and jazz,


Jason Crane
The Jazz Session

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