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Mon Aug 9 18:26:32 EDT 2010

Fellow jazzers-
Today on WCPN's arts and culture show "Around Noon," I talked to bass  
player and composer Dave Morgan and trumpeter Jack Schantz about Dave's new  
recording "The Way of the Sly Man."  Dave and Jack have been kicking around  
making a date inspired by the writings and life of spiritual teacher GI  
Gurdjieff for a number of years.   Dave, who teaches at  Youngstown State is 
really a wonderful writer. There is some real nice material  on it...including a 
very Indian sounding piece featuring Howie Smith's  soprano.  Guitarist Bob 
Fraser and percussionist Jamey Haddad steal the  show on "The Law of 
Three."  There's a 12 bar blues featuring  trombonist Chris Anderson...some 
Brookmeyer/Maria Schneider sounding stuff...and  piece that made me think of Frank 
Zappa.  Dan Wall, who you might know from  some of John Abercrombie's ECM 
session is also showcased on piano.
Anyway-here is the interview link...also available as a podcast.
_http://www.wcpn.org/WCPN/an/31566_ (http://www.wcpn.org/WCPN/an/31566) 
If you want to find more, contact Dave.  I think much of the material  
would fit most jazz formats.
_http://davemorgan.com/_ (http://davemorgan.com/) 
Dan Polletta

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