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Just to second Dan's message - check out Dave Morgan at davemorgan.com

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Fellow jazzers-

Today on WCPN's arts and culture show "Around Noon," I talked to bass  
player and composer Dave Morgan and trumpeter Jack Schantz about Dave's new

recording "The Way of the Sly Man."  Dave and Jack have been kicking around

making a date inspired by the writings and life of spiritual teacher GI  
Gurdjieff for a number of years.   Dave, who teaches at  Youngstown State is

really a wonderful writer. There is some real nice material  on
it...including a 
very Indian sounding piece featuring Howie Smith's  soprano.  Guitarist Bob 
Fraser and percussionist Jamey Haddad steal the  show on "The Law of 
Three."  There's a 12 bar blues featuring  trombonist Chris Anderson...some 
Brookmeyer/Maria Schneider sounding stuff...and  piece that made me think of
Zappa.  Dan Wall, who you might know from  some of John Abercrombie's ECM 
session is also showcased on piano.
Anyway-here is the interview link...also available as a podcast.
_http://www.wcpn.org/WCPN/an/31566_ (http://www.wcpn.org/WCPN/an/31566) 
If you want to find more, contact Dave.  I think much of the material  
would fit most jazz formats.
_http://davemorgan.com/_ (http://davemorgan.com/) 
Dan Polletta


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