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Ronald Edward Gill rongill2 at me.com
Fri Aug 13 10:59:58 EDT 2010


I spoke recently with Dick LaPalm, who did the promotion for my recent  
recording with John Stein.

John and I want to make ourselves available to interested programmers  
for radio interviews and Dick suggested that I run this by you.

Would the text below be appropriate to send to the JPL list?

Please let me know if it would be appreciated.

Many thanks, and all the best!

Ron Gill


Since introducing our CD, Turn Up The Quiet, on Whaling City Sound  
Records in May, John Stein and I have experienced a wonderfully  
positive and warm reception. John and I realize how much product you  
regularly receive. We wish to thank you and are honored by the support  
you have shown us.

Making the CD was a labor of love. We selected songs that I have  
wanted to sing for years, did much research in order to find various  
versions of the tunes, and in some cases transcribed the tunes from  
recordings because we couldn't find lead sheets. We rehearsed the  
material in order to create our own unique artistic interpretations  
and recorded everything with great care.

We are available to provide interviews for those who feel our  
experience would be interesting to their audience. We can share the  
process of choosing repertoire (which as a singer of many years'  
experience I know to be an all-important first step). We can discuss  
the experience of finding unique personal interpretations for each  
song. We were also careful to vary styles and tempos to give the  
overall CD an artistic flow (especially important in the minimalist  
instrumental context of duets and trios -- voice with guitar, or voice  
with piano and bass). We were careful to capture the performances in  
the studio with an intent to create and maintain a sense of intimacy.

Thank you again for the spins, reviews, and warm comments.

We hope you will be interested in contacting us for interviews.

All the best,

Ron Gill:  rgill7344 at yahoo.com

& John Stein:  jstein at berklee.edu

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