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What? You don't have the "Google artist name pronunciation " utility 

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> I don't know...maybe it's just me but we seem to be getting more and more
> product of artists whose names we...I...can't pronounce. Maybe I'm not as
> worldly as I thought I was. This is clearly indicative of the cultural
> expansiveness of jazz and it's world wide influence...which is a good 
> thing. The
> drag though is that we seem to be getting little help from the artists in
> telling us how to pronounce their names which for me is becoming 
> increasingly
> more frustrating. I put this on the artists because most jazz product now 
> is
> self produced. If we can't pronounce the name how does that help the 
> artist?
> "Chie" for one example. "Chico" who? Am I the only one that's noticing
> this? What can be done about it?
> Jae Sinnett
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