[JPL] Pronunciations

Larry Appelbaum jumpmonk at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 17 11:55:15 EDT 2010


I share your frustration. It's not always easy to find out correct pronunciation, and sometimes you have to search or even contact the artist or someone who knows them (fortunately, this is now much easier with this list, the internet and social media). In the old days, classical announcers were expected to be erudite and able to pronounce not just names but titles in English, Spanish, Italian, German, etc.  Since a significant percentage of music students at American university or college jazz programs are coming from outside the U.S., the issue will become more prevalent as the rest of the world becomes assimilated into the jazz language. 

Jae's important point should be noted any and all promotions people. Whenever you send out a press release with a name that is not obvious how to pronounce, please indicate it. It will make things easier for the rest of us. And artists might consider doing the same on their website or myspace page.

p.s. it also helps to know the context. Chico is pronounced differently in Spanish vs Portuguese. If Chie is Japanese, standard Japanese pronunciation is Chee-eh.

> ---
> I don't know...maybe it's just me but we seem to be getting more and more 
> product of artists whose names we...I...can't pronounce. Maybe I'm not as 
> worldly as I thought I was. This is clearly indicative of the cultural 
> expansiveness of jazz and it's world wide influence...which is a good thing. The 
> drag though is that we seem to be getting little help from the artists in 
> telling us how to pronounce their names which for me is becoming increasingly 
> more frustrating. I put this on the artists because most jazz product now is 
> self produced. If we can't pronounce the name how does that help the artist? 
> "Chie" for one example. "Chico" who? Am I the only one that's noticing 
> this? What can be done about it? 
> Jae Sinnett  


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