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You are not alone!  I like to see pronunciation help in the accompanying CD
promo literature if the artist is relatively new.  Or take the bull by the
horns and ask the artist directly, which they nearly always appreciate.

David May

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I don't know...maybe it's just me but we seem to be getting more and more 
product of artists whose names we...I...can't pronounce. Maybe I'm not as 
worldly as I thought I was. This is clearly indicative of the cultural 
expansiveness of jazz and it's world wide influence...which is a good
thing. The 
drag though is that we seem to be getting little help from the artists in 
telling us how to pronounce their names which for me is becoming
more frustrating. I put this on the artists because most jazz product now is

self produced. If we can't pronounce the name how does that help the artist?

"Chie" for one example. "Chico" who? Am I the only one that's noticing 
this? What can be done about it? 

Jae Sinnett  


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