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John Simna jsimna at wclv.com
Tue Aug 17 13:47:34 EDT 2010

My day job is as a classical announcer - if I don't attempt to come close to
"correct" pronunciation, I hear directly (sometimes vehemently) from
listeners who know.  This can sometimes be a problem as well if an artist
chooses to use a different pronunciation - some foreign-born performers who
spend a lot of time in the United states choose to allow their name to
Americanized.  Whenever I have the chance to speak with someone, I try to
ask them their preference.

That said, yes, it's nice to have the information immediately available.

John Simna
jsimna at wclv.com 

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Hmmmm...I don't think so Ed but that's my view. If anything, I think it's 
presumptuous for us to assume to know how to pronounce the name. Are 
you implying that if an artist phonetically puts their name out there... 
anywhere for that matter...for pronunciation sake...it's patronizing? 

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