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EdBride at aol.com EdBride at aol.com
Tue Aug 17 14:47:00 EDT 2010

I knew I might be treading on thin ice with that generalization.  So, 
thanks for giving me another chance at explaining myself.
By and large, liner notes (like newspapers) are not written to be read  
aloud; they are written for the consuming public, not for broadcasters. That's  
why newspapers (and in my experience, most liner notes) do not include  
pronunciation keys. Why would they? 
So, my view was that many of the intended audience might wonder why there  
would be a pronunciation key for words that they are unlikely to utter. Or 
if  they will be speaking the name when discussing the music with their 
friends, by  the time they've purchased the CD or sound file, they quite likely 
will  have heard an announcer pronounce it. 
        I know...chicken-and-egg:  how's the announcer supposed to know? As 
someone else mentioned, the announcer  should already have a key: in the 
Bottom line: a narrow-viewed (which isn't quite as bad as  narrow-minded) 
audience might think that the artist, or the label, was trying to  call 
attention to an ethnic difference between the artist and the audience.  That's 
all I intended to convey. Not that the intent was patronizing or racist,  but 
could be (mis)interpreted as so.

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jaejazz at yahoo.com writes:

you implying that if an artist phonetically puts their name out  there... 
anywhere for that matter...for pronunciation sake...it's  patronizing? 

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