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Tue Aug 17 17:54:03 EDT 2010

Soulandjazz.com Presents:
Continuum, A Journey Through Jazz
Episode 18: “Caliente Chill”

Hosted and Produced by J. Scott Fugate, “The Jazz Evangelist”

As always, it’s absolutely free, completely legal, rich CD quality, fun for the whole family, and available to listen to right here, right now: http://bit.ly/9p9Yre

In the heat of mid-August, with summer vacations coming to a close, I wanted to offer something rather exotic – well, depending on where you’re from . . . if you’re Brazilian it’s probably not so exotic, but everyone else will most assuredly think it is.  Thus I bring you “Caliente Chill” which doesn’t make a lot of sense, since Caliente is a Spanish word meaning hot, and pretty much every song in this episode is in Portuguese . . . but leave it to an American to mix up languages. Hopefully the music will make up for the fact that I didn’t know the Portuguese word for “hot”.  :-) 

So – get a cool beverage, kick back and enjoy the bossa groove, summer samba, and chilled Brazilian beats presented by Jazzelicious, Jazzinho, Marissa, Bossacucanova, and Randy Brecker as well as Esperanza Spalding, Paula Morelenbaum, Rosalia De Sousa, S-Tone Inc., Nick Bernard, Nova Nola (featuring Sasha Masakowski) and Ernest “EC3″ Coleman.

I would love to hear from you with any comments, suggestions, requests for future shows, music submissions, etc. Just send an e-mail to scott at soulandjazz.com.

PLAYLIST: Continuum, A Journey Through Jazz

Episode 18 – Caliente Chill

Artist – “Track” – Album – Year – (Label)

Jazzelicious – “Sambossa” – The Best of Jazzelicious – 2008 – (Groove Gravy)

Jazzinho – “Moody Maria” – Jazzinho – 2003 – (ecco.chamber)

Cycle – “Quiet Blue” – Bossa Brava: Tropicale! – 2000 – (Instinct)

Marissa – “Saudade Fez Um Samba” – Eu Sambo Mesmo! – 2007 – (LAB 344) 

Bossacucanova – “Previsao” – Uma Batida Diferente – 2007 – (Six Degrees)

Randy Brecker – “Rebento” – Randy in Brasil – 2008
- (MAMA) 

Esperanza Spalding – “Ponta De Areia” – Esperanza – 2009 – (Heads Up) 

Paula Morelenbaum – “Brigas Nunca Mais” – Berimbaum – 2004 – (Universal Latino) 

Rozalia De Souza – “Onde Anda O Meu Amor” – Brasil Precisa Balancar – 2009
 - (Schema)

S-Tone Inc. – “Beiro Do Mar” – Break N’ Bossa 8 – 2008
- (Schema)

Nick Bernard –  “Aromi” – Break N’ Bossa 8 – 2008 – (Schema)

Nova Nola – “Um Fraze” – Wetland – 2010 – (Bionic)

Ernest “EC3″ Coleman – “Heaven” - My Romance With Rhythms – 2009 – (Rhythm Universal)

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