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He  collaborates pretty often with Ken Vandermark; I'd recommend the
School  Days quartet for starters which is loosely based on the Steve
Lacy/Roswell  Rudd School Days quartet/recordings; great player >
agreed...for my $, one of the best young trombone players on the  scene.  
His recording "Afternoon" from a few years ago had tracks that  would fit 
most stations...some of it may too experimental for some formats, but  there 
were some very melodic, moody tracks that would work.
He's also on a new recording by drummer Mike Reed called "stories and  
negotiations" on 482 Music that was recently released. Celebration of the  
Chicago jazz scene of the 50s with tunes by sun Ra and Clifford Jordan.   Julian 
Priester, Art Hoyle and Ira Sullivan special guests on the date.   Again, 
some of it might be too blown out but there are playable tracks,  too.
Dan Polletta


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