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Chicago-based trombonist Jeb Bishop is from Raleigh. I met him when he was a
high school student and a guitarist for a band called "Corrosion of
Conformity."  Several years ago Jeb was recruited into the Vandermark 5 as a
guitarist. It was only after joining the V5 that Ken Vandermark discovered
that Jeb also plays the trombone (an understatement).  After hearing him on
'bone, Vandermark asked him to switch to that instrument exclusively.  In
addition to the collaborations mentioned in Dan Polletta's post, Jeb also
collaborates with Keefe Jackson and many other Chicago-based musicians, some
of which is on Delmark.  There are many great Jeb Bishop recordings
available, most of which are likely never going to be mailed to stations as
part of a promo campaign. Whether it's "inside" or "outside" playing, Jeb
Bishop is a trombonist we should all be aware of.  Anyone wanting to find
out more about this prodigious player should feel free to contact me

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