[JPL] Pronouncers...

Peter Sokolowski PSokolowski at merriam-webster.com
Wed Aug 18 10:31:30 EDT 2010

One thing that artists/labels should consider is that a host might hesitate
to play a disc if he/she can't pronounce the name. 

Nothing racist about that.

Names like "Harrell," "Sipiagin," "Loueke," and "Lage" have all given me
pause from time to time. (I had friends of the two trumpeters confirm how
they say their names; for the two guitarists I hope I'm guessing correctly).

The pop singer Sade complains that Americans call her \SHAR-day\ -- but on
her debut album that's what was on the cover (and spine). Since she's from a
British Commonwealth country, she expects \SHAR-day\ to sound like
\SHAH-day\. You get what you pay for.


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