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Jazz from Gallery 41 Playlist - Monday, August 23, 2010 - Noon to 3 PM

Artist / Song Title / Album Title (Label)

.         Jason Lindner / Hexophony / Jazz Underground Live At Smalls

.         Conrad Herwig / Maiden Voyage / The Latin Side Of Herbie Hancock

.         Kenny Werner / We Three / No Beginning No End (HalfNote)

.         Karin Krog & John Surman / So Blue / Bluesand (Seven Seas)

.         Kenny Wheeler / Angel Song / Angel Song (ECM)

.         Bill Frisell / Where Do We Go / Blues Dream (Nonesuch)

.         Bill Frisell / What Do We Do / Blues Dream (Nonesuch)

.         Gregory Porter / Wisdom / Water (Motema)

.         Paul Horn / Mirage For Miles / Sound Of Paul Horn (Columbia)

.         Miles Davis / Capricorn / Water Babies (Columbia)

.         Tom Rizzo / Lament / Imaginary Numbers (Origin)

.         Gabor Szabo / Witchcraft / Spellbinder (Impulse)

.         Owen Howard / Zoot Suite / Drum Lore (Brooklyn Jazz Underground)

.         Jeff Richman / Small Kid Time / Like That (Nefer)

.         Matt Jorgensen / Savage Grace / Tattooed by Passion (Origin)

.         The Jazz Crusaders / The Young Rabbits / Lookin' Ahead (Pacific

Recent adds (Label: Artist / Title):

.         Blue Bamboo Music: Harvie S / Cocolamus Bridge

.         Brooklyn Jazz Underground: Mike Fahie / Anima;  Owen Howard / Drum
Lore; Sunny Jain/ Taboo; David Smith / Anticipation

.         Criss Cross: David Hazeltine / Inversions; Alex Sipiagin /
Generations; Tim Warfield / A Sentimental Journey; Walt Weiskopf / See The

.         D Clef: Matt Garrison / Familiar Places

.         Doodlin': Pat Bianchi / Back Home

.         E1: Regina Carter / Reverse Thread; Lauren Kinhan / Avalon; Robin
McKelle / Mess Around

.         ECM: Dino Saluzzi / El Encuentro; Thomas Strunen / Quiet Inlet

.         Flying Dolphin: Ernie Watts / Four Plus Four

.         Fresh Sound/New Talent: Aruan Ortiz / Alameda

.         HalfNote: Conrad Herwig / The Latin Side Of Herbie Hancock; Kenny
Werner / No Beginning No End 

.         High Note: Wallace Roney / If Only For One Night

.         Intrinsic Music: Laurie Antolioli / American Dreams

.         Jazz Legacy Prod.: Michael Dease /Grace;  One For All /
Incorrigible; Yotam / Resonance

.         JM: Jacob Melchior / It's About Time

.         Munich Records: Amina Figarova / Sketches

.         Nefer: Jeff Richman / Like That

.         OA2: Dan Gailey Jazz Orchestra / What Did You Dream?; Nadav
Snir-Zelniker / Thinking Out Loud; Paul Tynan & Aaron Lington / BiCoastal
Collective: Chapter Two

.         Origin: Hadley Caliman & Pete Christlieb / Reunion; Matt Jorgensen
/ Tattooed by Passion; Tom Rizzo / Imaginary Numbers; Seattle Repertory Jazz
Orchestra / The Endless Search; Jessica Williams / Touch; Bruce Williamson
Quartet / Standard Transmission 

.         Palmetto: Fred Hersch / Whirl; Frank Kimbrough / Rumors; Dr.
Lonnie Smith / Spiral

.         Positone: Steve Davis / Images; Ken Fowser & Behn Gillece / Little
Echo; Jacam Manricks / Trigonometry

.         RVD: Roland Vazquez / The Visitor

.         Summit: Dave Wilson / Spiral

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