[JPL] Full pronunciation info for Ayako Shirasaki and record label - mp3 and phonetically spellings

Jan Matthies office at janmatthies.com
Tue Aug 24 17:39:23 EDT 2010

Hello, last week I learned about the importance of giving information how to
pronounce names correctly and posted the message below with the audio mp3

Then I got asked how "Jan Matthies Records" is pronounced, that is the label
Ayako's new CD "Falling Leaves - Live in Hamburg" is released on with a
radio add date of Sept. 7, 2010.


So here I post the full information, hope this helps:


Ayako Shirasaki

ah-YAH-koh  sheer-uh-SAH-kee



Jan Matthies




Thanks to Jim Wilke for sharing some more light on the topic and for giving
the phonetically spellings.



Jan Matthies

Jan Matthies Music Management




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Hello and thank you for the helpful jazzproglist,


Today I followed the discussion about support for correct pronunciations
with great interest as I am currently promoting Ayako Shirasaki's new CD
"Falling Leaves - Live in Hamburg" - Radio add date September 7, 2010.

CD's have been sent out to all stations on the jazzweek.com list on August 9
and should have arrived by now.


I was wondering why small mp3 files haven't been mentioned in the
discussion. I'm not familiar with the text phonetic pronunciation and wonder
how some people can pronounce correctly from those funny signs.


We recorded a small 154 kb mp3 file with the correct pronunciation of
Ayako's name and will make it available on the different websites later. For
now here is the link:



Hope this helps.

Best regards




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Ayako Shirasaki

August 27th, 2010 Brooklyn, NY, USA - Puppets Jazz Bar

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September 7th, 2010, New piano solo album, "Falling Leaves" release!!

September 15th, 2010, NY, USA - Smalls Jazz Club

- CD release party for "Falling Leaves - Live in Hamburg"


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