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We're placing the spotlight on the folks we call "The New Jazz  
Singers" with various specials this week on MOJA Radio  
(www.mojaradio.com) plus funky stuff on JAMMIN' JAZZ, a ton of great  
new music just added this week (Check the ALL NEW MUSIC REVUE) and  

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MOJA Radio/WEEKLY FEATURES   (30 August-5 September 2010)

We’ll celebrate one of the greatest vocalists in all of jazz history  
this Monday, August 30th, as we present another edition of our  
special feature, MONDAY WITH THE MASTERS on MOJA Radio, and this time  
the focus is on the great AL JARREAU. He’s the only vocalist to win  
Grammy awards in three categories, jazz, pop and r&b, for a total of  
6 Grammy’s in all. You’ll hear about his beginnings growing up in  
Milwaukee, his breakthrough as a singer on the West Coast with George  
Duke, his many great collaborations and his rise to international  
stardom. And of course you’ll hear lots of that fantastic music. Al  
has recovered from a recent collapse during his European tour but  
he’s back on stage again and we’re happy to celebrate this great  
artist and ageless wonder who just turned 70 this past Spring! Listen  
for MONDAY WITH THE MASTERS twice every Monday, at Noon Eastern/9 AM  
Pacific, with a replay Monday night at 9 PM Eastern/6 PM Pacific and  
this week you’re invited to spend an hour with one of MOJA’s most  
popular voices, the great AL JARREAU!

SAMMARTINO four times each week, Tuesdays at 9 AM and again at 9 PM  
EST and twice on Sunday’s at 9 AM & 9 PM EST for an hour of up, fun,  
funky, booty-moving stuff as only Michelle can serve up.  On Jammin’  
Jazz Michelle plays jamband jazz, acid jazz, rock-influenced jazz,  
funk, fusion and a little sound of New Orleans too as well as her own  
insights that bring this great music to life! So if you can’t get  
enough of the funky stuff come and get it on JAMMIN’ JAZZ WITH  
MICHELLE four times each week on MOJA Radio! Here’s what you’ll hear  
on this week’s show…


·       Bonerama …Bone Up

·       Ken Field’s Revolutionary Snake Ensemble…Soul Power

·       Johnny Sketch & The Dirty Notes …Saucy Jack

·       Javon Jackson…Jim Jam

·       Jimmy Herring…Headstrong

·       The New Mastersounds …Baby Bouncer

·       Joe Krown Organ Combo …Slow Daddy

·       Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe…Satisfied Jam (Live @ High Sierra)

·       Fishbelly Black…Mr. Bobo

·       Garage A Trois...Oute Mer

·       Up Bustle & Out…Strudel

You are cordially invited to join us inside the world’s only  
imaginary jazz club for rare, live performances by some of the  
greatest singers in MOJA on this week’s edition of LIVE @ MOJALand  
which you can hear four times each week here on MOJA Radio.  Listen  
Wednesday morning at 9 AM ET and again Wednesday night at 9 PM East/6  
PM West, and twice again on Sunday at 11 AM & 11 PM ET, as part of  
the Sunday Specials. This week, since we’re focusing this week on  
great vocalists in MOJA, we’ll present THE NEW JAZZ SINGERS LIVE.  
You’ll hear three of our most beautiful ladies, Nora Jones, Nnenna  
Freelon and Dianne Reeves. Then, from rock to jazz,  you’ll hear  
Sting with Branford Marsalis and Joni Mitchell with Pat Metheny &  
Jaco Pastorius.  You’ll go to Paris to hear pianist and vocalist  
Patricia Barber and we’ll top it off with the great Al Jarreau in  
concert. So if you'd like to check it out, just join us for THE NEW  
JAZZ SINGERS LIVE on this week’s edition of LIVE @ MOJALand!

Nora Jones …I’ve Got To See You Again (4:53)
  Nnenna Freelon …Body & Soul (4:52)
  Dianne Reeves …Afro Blue (5:48)
  Sting…Consider Me Gone ( 4:42)
  Sting…Down So Long (4:25)
Joni Mitchell…Coyote  (4:56)
  Joni Mitchell…The Dry Cleaner From Des Moines (4:33)
  Patricia Barber …Norwegian Wood ( 7:10)
   Patricia Barber …Whiteworld ( 6:08)
Al Jarreau…Mas Que Nada (5:15)
  Join Russ Davis as he gives you an hour of nothing but the freshest  
MOJA on THE ALL NEW MUSIC REVUE every Thursday at 9 AM East/6 AM West  
with a replay at 9 PM East/6 PM West, and twice again on Sundays at  
10 AM & 10 PM ET.  We’ll begin with the latest from guitar wiz Bill  
Frisell who squeezes everything you can out of a trio of guitar,  
drums and viola on the new CD simply titled “Beautiful Dreamers.” New  
York bassist Matt Geraghty brings in an all-star cast including Gil  
Goldstein, guitarist Neal Alger, vocalist Anna Maria Jopek and  
trumpeter Avishai Cohen for “Departures.” Panamanian pianist Danilo  
Perez continues his rise to worldwide jazz stardom with his new work  
“Providencia,” featuring saxophonist Rudresh Mahanthappa. Bassist  
Charnett Moffett has been around since the 1980’s and his new one,  
“Treasure,” may be his best with a world-jazz flavor and special  
guest Stanley Jordan. Then pianist Rachel Z and drummer Omar Hakim  
lead The Trio Of Oz on the album of the same name as they give the  
jazz treatment to 10 alternative rock classics including the work of  
Alice In Chains and Morrissey. Then, if you’re hungry for something  
funky, electric and full of fire, listen up for the latest from the  
band from Boston who call themselves Otis Grove. They’re new album is  
“The Runk,” and it’ll knock your socks off! So, if you want to keep  
up with all the newest MOJA, just listen to THE ALL NEW MUSIC REVUE  
four times each week!

Here’s the new music you’ll hear this week…


·        Bill Frisell....Winslow Homer…Beautiful Dreamers (Savoy Jazz)
·        Matt Geraghty Project....Manhattan In Three Minutes… 
Departures (Omnilingual)
·        Danilo Perez....Galactic Panama…Providencia (Mack Avenue)
·        Danilo Perez....Cobilla…Providencia (Mack Avenue)
·        Charnett Moffett....The Celebration…Treasure (Motema)
·        Charnett Moffett....Beam Me Up…Treasure (Motema)
·        The Trio Of Oz....Angry Chair…The Trio Of Oz (Ozmosis)
·        The Trio Of Oz....There Is A Light…The Trio Of Oz (Ozmosis)
·        Otis Grove....Basket Case…The Runk (Ropeadope)
·        Otis Grove....Plywood Snowshoe …The Runk (Ropeadope)
·        Otis Grove....Rock City…The Runk (Ropeadope)
We’re focusing on the vocalists in MOJA all week so all day this  
Friday we’ll continue that theme here on MOJA Radio with our special  
feature we call IF IT’S FRIDAY, THIS MUST BE FUSION. Every Friday  
beginning at 7 AM until midnight Eastern time we’ll begin each hour  
with a classic piece of Jazz Fusion history and this week join us for  
the music of the singers who made fusion history as we present  
“FUSION’S GREATEST VOCAL HITS.” You just may be surprised at all the  
great vocalizing that went on in the 1970’s during Fusion’s heyday.   
How about Al Jarreau’s 70’s classics “We Got By,” and “Look To The  
Rainbow,” or the contribution of Brazilian vocalists like Flora Purim  
with Return To Forever or Milton Nascimento with Wayne Shorter?  How  
about George Duke funky offerings, or Joni Mitchell’s collaborations  
with jazzers like Tom Scott, Pat Metheny & Jaco Pastorious? Then  
there’s Jaco with Sam & Dave, Les McCann & Eddie Harris, Return To  
Forever’s vocal tunes featuring Chick Corea’s wife Gayle Moran and  
Stanley Clarke, plus Stanley’s collaborations with George Duke and  
the vocal work of the father of afrobeat, Fela Kuti of Nigeria.   
You’ll hear it all, all day if you join us for “FUSION’S GREATEST  
VOCAL HITS,” on this week’s edition of IF IT’S FRIDAY, THIS MUST BE  

  This Saturday, September 4th, we’ll focus on the blending of  
instruments and voices as we present our weekly feature WORDS & MUSIC  
on MOJA Radio this one titled “BACKING UP THE SINGERS!” You’ll hear  
David Sanborn talking about working with Sting and Cassandra Wilson,  
Al Di Meola on working with Russian singer Leonid Augutin, Pat  
Metheny working with Polish vocalist Anna Maria Jopek, Chick Corea on  
his collaboration with Bobby McFerrin, George Duke on working with  
Frank Zappa, The Yellowjackets’ Jimmy Haslip on producing Carol  
Welsman’s album, John Scofield on guest vocalist John Mayer, Marcus  
Miller on working with Macy Gray, Roy Hargrove with guest vocalist  
Rene Neufville and Herbie Hancock on working with Sting and Paul  
Simon. Interview segments followed by music will begin each hour from  
Noon through Midnight Eastern time (9 AM-9 PM Pacific). Join us for  

  Twice every Sunday listen for three of our most popular special  
features on what we call THE SUNDAY SPECIALS here on MOJA Radio. At 9  
AM & 9 PM Eastern time you’ll hear an hour of fun and funky stuff on  
followed at 10 AM and 10 PM Eastern time by our weekly look at the  
hottest new MOJA coming out on THE ALL NEW MUSIC REVUE. Then we’ll  
wrap it all up at 11 AM and 11 PM Eastern time with an hour inside  
the world’s only imaginary jazz club for rare, live performances on  
LIVE @ MOJALAND. So listen for THE SUNDAY SPECIALS twice every Sunday  
from 9 AM to NOON, with a replay Sunday night from 9 PM to Midnight  
Eastern/6-9 PM Pacific on MOJA Radio!

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