[JPL] Gertrude Polenta Caller to Jazz Connections KRCB

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Rick....thanks for the post

....I hope everybody is enjoying the warm sound of the Yeahwon CD....I have
always loved the tune; 'Travessia'   Yeahwon really does it justice

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Well, just when you've heard it all from callers in Jazz Radio.  I got a
call last night from a listener who attended a SF Jazz Festival concert. She
had called in to ask what female vocalist I had played a couple of sets
back; the one that sang most expressively a Brazilian tune (Dindi) by Jobim.
 I told her it was a woman named Yeahwon Shin.  A new release, I just had
gotten in.  Then she said she was much better than the woman who sang at the
concert they had just gotten back from. She said her name sounded like
sounded like "Gertrude Polenta"!  I said do you perhaps think it was
Gretchen Parletto?  She said YES!  Well, there you have it.

Ric Mancuso
KRCB Jazz Connections


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