[JPL] PLAYLIST: "General Eclectic", WCVF-FM, 11/5/10; Paul Jackino Interview

Tom Bingham mason2042 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 6 15:51:44 EDT 2010

Today's "General Eclectic" included an interview with ambient/New Age
electronic composer/musician Paul Jackino, who began his multi-faceted media
career right here at WCVF-FM when he was 13 years old (about 8 years ago,
I'd estimate). The interview was interspersed with three tracks from Paul's
debut CD, "Dynamic Perceptions". I hope to have this up as a podcast in the
near future. To the list:

Britta Lee Shain - America the Beautiful - Between the River and the Road

Paul Jackino - At the Beach - Dynamic Perceptions
Paul Jackino - Take Me Down - Dynamic Perceptions
Paul Jackino - Winter 2005 - Dynamic Perceptions

Bill Harley - A Walk Around the Block - The Best Candy in the Whole World

Roland White - Doorstep of Trouble - I Wasn't Born to Rock'n'Roll

Elaine Romanelli - 3000 Miles - Real Deal

Dolores Scozzesi - Stay out of the Moonlight - A Special Taste

Anne LeBaron - Rippling With Leroy (featuring Leroy Jenkins)

Kevin So - Right By the Freeway - Best Foot Forward

Hot Club of Hulaville - Bossa Dorado - Django Would Go

E. J. Antonio - Ballad Mambo - Rituals in the Marrow: Recipe for a Jam

Jim McCarty - Living From the Inside Out - Sitting on the Top of Time

Sarah Sample - One Mistake - Someday. Someday

Judy Collins - Weight of the World - Paradise

Shambhu - Together - Sacred Love: Feel the Journey

Peter Bernstein Quartet - Say, Little Mama, Say - Live at Smalls

Leslie Lewis - A Felicidade - Keeper of the Flame

Stuart Kabak - Mystery - No Matter Where You're Going

SynchDub - Threaten Avenue - Radio Now! Volume 11 (various artists)

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"General Eclectic"
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