[JPL] A few list reminders ...

Blaise Lantana blaise.lantana at riomail.maricopa.edu
Tue Nov 16 17:52:53 EST 2010

Thanks Ed, for reminding us why we are here and what we are here to talk

Thank you for giving us this forum.
I'm working on cultivating civility, although this is one of the easier
places to do that.

Blaise Lantana
Music Director
KJZZ Phoenix 91.5

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Hi all,

I just wanted to revisit a few guidelines for this list.

1) It's not a place for promoting a specific project. We do allow  
people to post updates on addresses, pass along pronunciations, etc.  
If you wish, you may sponsor the list for a week to get the word out  
about your release or projects. We also allow offers of free programs  
to be posted.

2) While playlist posting is part of the list's function, it was  
created primarily to discuss issues. Please feel free to discuss  
things related to jazz radio programming and promotion, your views on  
releases (if you're a programmer or host) and other things related to  
jazz radio.

3) Responses from the mailing list software are automated and the  
software is usually correct in its response. I don't need indignant  
replies because the software rejected an email. Usually it is because  
people are trying to post from a different address than they signed up  
with. This can happen easily with the number of email addresses we all  
have. The only way the list software can tell that it is you when you  
post to the list is if you use the address you signed up with.

4) If you send a playlist blind copied to this list, it will be held  
for moderation automatically by the software. That's to avoid spam. In  
addition, if you have not posted to the list before, your first post  
will be moderated. The same goes for when you unsubscribe for a  
vacation and then subscribe again when you return. The list software  
sees you as a new member of the list.

5) There's no staff of people here working full time to maintain the  
list. If something needs attention, it might take several hours or  
until the next day for me to see it.

6) This list is provided as a free service by a private entity.  
There's no inherent right to use this list and I don't want to hear  
first amendment arguments. Congress shall make no law, but I will draw  
the line on certain areas of discussion that are inappropriate. For  
the most part, the list governs itself, so if you step over the line,  
someone else on the list will tap you on the shoulder and let you know.

7) Finally, the tone of discussion on the internet is ridiculous in  
its nastiness. (Just take a look at comments on blogs and news sites.)  
Let's continue to keep this an oasis from that.



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