[JPL] Informative responses to Between Races, amazing!

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On 11/17/2010 06:48 PM, Arturo Gomez wrote:
> As it is often stated, "be careful what you ask for". Thanks to all who gave background on Chuck Mangione's composition "Between Races"
> Like Clark Terry's "Serenade to a Bus Seat" and many others, the title could be interpreted more than one way.
> Arturo Gómez

Hey Arturo,

Speaking of interpretations, let me tell you about something that 
happened in the class I teach at Northeastern. I teach a class called 
the African American Experience Through Music.

After 1920 when Mamie Smith had a hit with Crazy Blues, many of the 
record companies started what was called their race records division. It 
was music that was being marketed to the African American community. In 
1949 Billboard stopped using Race Music as a label for one of their 
charts. They started using the term R&B instead.

On a quiz, I asked what were race records. One student answered that 
they were music that was played very fast so that other people wouldn't 
be able to copy what was being played! Now that was a different 
interpretation of the word race!

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