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Mon Nov 22 09:07:55 EST 2010

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(NOVEMBER 22, 2010) -- Last week I started the "100 By 300" membership 
campaign. The goal is to reach 100 members by the 300th show. If you'd 
like to keep The Jazz Session's interviewing coming, please become a 
member today. Thanks!

My thanks to those people who joined since last week:

* Ann Braithwaite (Vanguard level)
* Terri Hinte (Vanguard level)
* Matt Merewitz (Vanguard level)

During the month of November, I'm taking part in the November Poem-A-Day 
challenge and posting a poem each day. This past week I seem to have 
fallen into a bit of a rhythm, writing one relationship poem after 
another. You'll find them all at http://jasoncrane.org.

Please note there is one show this week, because I'm taking a little 
time for the Thanksgiving holiday. This will be my first Thanksgiving as 
a vegan and I'm looking forward to the new experience.

I don't usually share pearls of wisdom from my mom, but many people have 
enjoyed this quote, said by her to me earlier this week:

"Being your mom is like being on a cruise ship during a tsunami."

I think you now have some idea how I turned out the way I did.

This week on the show: Russ Gershon of The Either/Orchestra (TJS #219, 

Next week: Who knows?

Peace, love and jazz,


This week on The Jazz Session:

TJS #219: Either/Orchestra's Russ Gershon. The Either/Orchestra is 
celebrating 25 years of making music with their new CD, Mood Music For 
Time Travellers (Accurate Records, 2010). In this interview, founder and 
leader Russ Gershon talks about how the band got started; how it has 
survived for 25 years; and the music on the new album, which returns to 
the “classic” E/O sound after several years working with Ethiopian 

Jason Crane
The Jazz Session

"Jazz is love. Poetry is peace."
-- Hayden Carruth

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