[JPL] Searching for Studio CD Players

Dore Stein tangentsmedia at gmail.com
Sun Nov 28 17:00:39 EST 2010

Hey radio guys and chief engineers,

Do use professional CD players in your master studio?

If you are satisfied, let me know what you are using.

KALW's old warhorse CD players are comatose. Manufacturers seem to have
given up on pro quality CD players as digital conversion has taken over for
a majority of radio stations.

But many public and community radio stations do not have music libraries.
They rely on volunteers to bring in their own collections and program live
organic radio via CD.

 Tangents is a live 4 hour improvised program. I must be able to cue things
at the last moment. I am trying to take the lead at the station in
researching a satisfactory solution.

For years we used Denon DN-961FA but we wore them out. They were excellent
work horses. Our engineer says they can no longer be refurbished.

We're using DN-C620 1RU's as a stop gap but they are inadequate due to slow
loading and cue time, poor search capability, limited end cue monitoring,
finicky in reading CD's - especially CDR's, etc.

Your suggestions are welcome.

thanks much!


PS Please cc tangentsradio at gmail.com with your reply. Thanks


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