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My Programs and Playlists for December 2010
                                                  ARTIST/Track/Album/Label      * = Australian
                                                                ** = Available at www.henk.com.au

Thu 2/12/10 "Primetime Jazz" 7pm - 9pm "Mainstream - Something Old & New"
1) DAN ADLER/Between Jobs/Back To The Bridge/Emdan Music
2) ROGER MANINS*/D. Day/Latitude/Rufus
3) DAVE PECK/I Got It Bad and That Ain't Good/Modern Romance/Play Stella Rec.
4) STEVE GADD & FRIENDS/Way Back Home/Live At Voce/BFM Jazz
5) CYRUS CHESTNUT/Lover/Journeys/Jazz Legacy
6) ARTHUR LIPNER & NANNY ASSIS/Affirmation/Brazilian Vibes/MalletWorks
7) JAE SINNETT/Naima/Theatre/J-Nett Music
8 ) CORY WEEDS/Boss Bossa/The Many Deeds of Cory Weeds/CellarLive
9) KELLY JEFFERSON/Glass/Next Exit/CellarLive
10) TOMAS JANZON/Messin' Around/Experiences/Changes Music
11) CONRAD HERWIG/Cantaloupe Island/The Latin Side of Herbie Hancock/Half Note
12) CHRIS DAVIS/You Dig?/Baille Bonita/CellarLive
13) DIRK ETIENNE/Let it Snow,Let it Snow,Let it Snow/Music,Martinis & Mistletoe/Indie

Fri 10/12/10 "Primetime Jazz" 7pm - 9pm "What's New" Contemporary Jazz
1) MISTAKEN IDENTITY*/Dale/Mistaken Identity Live/NewMarket
3) NAT BARTSCH TRIO/*Song For Mum/Springs, for All The Winters/Rufus
4) SANDY EVANS TRIO*/Te Kore/The Edge Of Pleasure/Soundtravellers
5) SEPPO KANTONEN TRIO/Hall Of Puritans/Tokka/Impala
6) TIM ROLLINSON*/Who Do You Blame?/You Tunes/Rufus
7) THE COOKERS/Capra Black/Warriors/Jazz Legacy
8 ) LUKE HOWARD TRIO*/Ballad No 3/The Meadowlands/Which Way Music
9) LONI THOMSON*/Time Is Lost/Rewind/Independent
10) JAMES ANNESLEY QUARTET*/Tutu/Vicious Circle/NewMarket
11) DAVE WILSON QUARTET/My Own Prison/Spiral/Summit Records
12) HEAVY TIN/Bug Juice/Fused Jazz/Concinnety Records
13) CHRIS COLANGELO/Elaine's Song/Elaine's Song/C-Note Rec.
14) BARRY ROMBERG/Epilogue/The Gods Must Be Smiling/Romhog
15) SNAP*/Street Party/Boggy Creek Bop/Rufus

Tue 21/12/10 "Jazz on The Terrace" Noon - 1pm "Jazz at Noon Light & Cool"
1) SARAH McLAWLR/My Romance//Under My Hat/Doodlin' Records
2) THE MANGO BALLOON*/The Penguin/The Mango Balloon/Rufus
3) ISOBEL ROSE/The Best Is Yet To Come/Swingin' from The Hip/The Jublee RecCo
4) PHIL HAWKINS/Eight O'clock Blues/Sugarcane Suite/P.Note Music
5) LEAH & THE MOONLIGHTERS/It's You Move/Leah & The Moonlighters/Indie
6) RUSS KASSOFF/One Minute More/Bird Fly/RHK Jazz
7) LAUREN HOOKER/Spring Is Here/Life of the Music/Miles High Rec
8 ) LARRY CARLTON & TAK MATSUMOTO/Nite Crawler/Take Your Pick/335 Rec
9) LONI THOMSON*The Ferryman/Rewind/Independent
10) DANA MARCINE/Coming Home To You/Crossing Lights/Buttonsoff Music
11) GEORGE W.CARROLL/Never Let Me Go/Younger Than Springtime/Indie
12) DIRK ETIENNE/White Christmas/Music,Martinis & Mistletoe/Indie

Thu 23/12/10 "Primetime Jazz" 7pm - 9pm "Mainstream - Something Old & New"
1) CARL RIGOLI/Charlie's Blues/Mellow Pickin'/Carmelo Records
2) ROGER MANIS*/Well You Needn't/Latitude/Rufus
3) CORY WEEDS/Going Down/The Many Deeds of Cory Weeds/CellarLive
4) STEVE GADD & FRIENDS/Shadows/Live At Voce/BFM Jazz
5) JACOB MELCHIOR/Summer Fair/It's About Time/Independent
6) JAE SINNETT/Fiesta/Theatre/J-Nett Music
7) TOMAS JANZON/Polka Dots & Moonbeams/Experiences/Changes Music
8 ) CHRIS DAVIS/Iniquity/Baile Bonita/CellarLive
9) UOU/Rock-A-Bye/Home/Tippin Records
10) SIMON TEDESCHI & KEVIN HUNT*/Blue Rondo a la Turk/Woodlands/ABC Jazz
11) CYRUS CHESTNUT/Little Jon/Journeys/Jazz Legacy
12) ARTHUR LIPNER & NANNY ASSIS/Cru Cre Corroro/Brazilian Vibes/MalletWorks
13) DAN ADLER/Oh Look At Me Now/Back To The Bridge/Emdan Music
14) DIRK ETIENNE/I'll Be Home For Christmas/Music,Martinis & Mistletoe/Indie

Wed 29/12/10 "Primetime Jazz" 7pm- 9pm"Mainstream - Swing & Big band" 
1) BBC BIG BAND/Big Band Treasure Chest Prts 1 & 2/Red Hot Jazz/BBC
2) JOHN VANORE&ABSRACT TRUTH/Rude/Curiosity/Acoustical Concepts
3) PIERRE DORGE'S NEW JUNGLE ORCH/Giraf/Giraf/dacape**
4) TOSHIKO AKIYOSHI JAZZ ORCH/Bebop/Desert Lady-Fantasy/Columbia
5) JACO PASTORIUS BIG BAND/Fanny May/Invitation/Warner Bros
6) GRP ALL-STARS BIG BAND/Donna Lee/10th Anniversary 1992/GRP
7) JIM GALLOWAY'S WEE BIG BAND/One On The House/Blue Reverie/Sackville
8 ) JOHN MORRISON'S SWING CITY*/Sun Valley Jump/Serious Fun!/Morrison Records
9) HARRY JAMES/How High The Moon/The Great Harry James/Hindsight Records
10) RG ROYAL SOUND ORCH/Hotel California/Impact/RG Records
11) THE TAYLOR - FIDYK BIG BAND/A Perfect Match/Writegroove Prodns
12) LALO SCHIFRIN & WDR BIG BAND/Millenium Blues/Esperanto/Aleph
13) UMO JAZZ ORCH/For Sale/Finnish Jazz '95/Finnish Jazz
14) KLUIVERS BIG BAND/Body and Soul/Jazz from Denmark '95/MXP
15) CHICK COREA & THE HAMPTON BIG BAND/I Aint Mad At You/Chick Corea/Dejavu Retro
16) CITY RHYTHM ORCHESTRA/Senor Blues/Vibrant Tones/Limehouse

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